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Smart Bracelet air tightness waterproof detection where to do well? Just look for Harris!

After several years of rapid development of intelligent wearable devices, there is already a red sea of colorful smart bracelets and smart watches on the market. The price of smart Bracelet ranges from tens to thousands of yuan. There are many brands and styles.With the development of technologyMore and more people choose to wear smart bracelets. Intelligent WatchThese wearable products are becoming more and more important in our life.

Product to be tested: smart Bracelet

Compared with the watch, the smart bracelet can not only grasp the time, but also escort your movement. Moreover, its cool and dynamic appearance has become the standard configuration of fashion trend. Whether it is used as a fashion assistant for running or as a decoration in the hands, it makes people love fashion. The powerful function of smart Bracelet makes sports more cool and colorful.

Intelligent waterproof detection fixture for Bracelet

Smart bracelets generally have the pain point of being afraid of water,In sports or daily life, the smart bracelet is sometimes invaded by water, which leads to the failure of the bracelet. Therefore, the smart bracelet also needs to be waterproof, so that it can easily deal with such situations as hand washing, rain, bathing, sports or swimming, so that it has no worries.

Intelligent Bracelet air tightness and waterproof detection equipment

In general, smart BraceletsWaterproof well, thencanMore ability to occupy the market. productionIn the processDue to the lack of technology and manufacturing process, there are always some smart bracelets that can not achieve the waterproof effect. In order to ensure the qualified rate of the product, the airtightness test equipment of Harris is used to detect the quality of the smart braceletIP waterproof level is very important.

Intelligent Bracelet air tightness and waterproof detection equipment

How to detect smart BraceletIPWaterproof grade, waterproof performance of sports bracelet, to ensure that the ex factory products, through the waterproof testOKProducts, to the hands of consumers is really waterproof productsThe airtightness tester is designed by the precision tester through the same amount of air intake, pressure stabilization, detection, gas pressure and volume change detectionPLCAfter a series of sampling, calculation and analysis, the leakage rate and leakage value can be obtained, and the judgment can be made according to these dataOKorNG

Intelligent Bracelet air tightness and waterproof detection equipment

With ten years of testing experience, Harris automation technology has successfully provided waterproof testing equipment for a number of smart Bracelet Companies, and has reached a long-term cooperation

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