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Hermes air tightness tester, let you know more about waterproof detection of smart Watch

With the progress and development of science and technology, the interaction between human and machine is not only on the mobile phone, but also on the wearable device. In recent years, there have been many wearable devices, such as smart watches and smart glasses. However, with the market elimination round after round, only smart watches are gradually becoming mainstream.

Product to be tested: rear shell of smart Watch

However, although there are many kinds of smart watches, most of them have low waterproof level and can not be used underwater for a long time. This is not only weaker than the traditional watch in function, excluding water sports, but also makes the main sports function of smart watch appear weak. Seeing all the fitness experts in the circle of friends basking in their fitness data, swimming lovers can only enjoy themselves.Whether it's a smart watch or a smart phoneOther parts of a smart watch, such as the back casewaterproofObviously, it's a very important concern.

Intelligent watch back shell waterproof inspection fixture

So how to do the waterproof test of smart watch back shell? Let's take a look at the customer case of Harris technology. This time, the customer asked forBack shell of smart WatchdoIP68Waterproof gradeTherefore, Hercules technology uses the following equipment and methods for the product:

Air tightness and waterproof testing equipment for smart watch back shell

Equipment used: HarrisHPPioneer series air tightness detector

Test method: direct test method, by sealing the watch shell, and then directly inflate, test the change of air pressure in the sealing space to judge the tightness of the shell.

For smart watch back shell detectionThe test pressure is 20KPA It is divided into three steps, air intake time6S, voltage stabilization time5S, test time5S

Testing equipment for tightness of back shell of smart Watch

Intelligent WatchIP68The significance of testing is to pass the testIPTestedIntelligent WatchMore competitive advantage in the market, products in the market for sale, can bring more profits to the enterprise.

HarrisHPPioneer series air tightness detector

The enterprise has a certain understanding of the dust and waterproof test of products, which can help us in our designIntelligent WatchBetter open the door to the international market. Therefore, not only can we guarantee the output, but also can we guarantee the qualityHarrisHPPioneer series air tightness detectortestingThe waterproof performance is perfect

PioneerThe pioneer series is a very mature and stable instrument with convenient operation interface and economic and practical cost performance, which has won high praise in the market. The function and performance parameters of the instrument can meet the needs of most customers.The patented technology independently developed by Harris,"IVTPneumatic seal valve island"And greatly improve the test accuracyTo ensure the stability of the instrument, the inflation speed has been greatly improved.

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