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Brief sharing of waterproof test for charging pile of watch back shell

For the whole machine waterproof watch, the charging pile is also an important position for waterproof detection. This time, Harris will show you some detailed pictures of the charging pile of the back case of the watch. I hope you know more about watch waterproof.

The charging point of the watch is an electromagnetic point, which usually has a small rubber ring to seal. If the seal is not good, water will enter the watch from the gap of the rubber ring and damage the watch.

Waterproof detection of watch charging pile3Dchart

Real picture of waterproof test for charging pile of watch back shell

The sealing test method used by Harris technology is to directly seal the surrounding of the two charging piles with sealing rings, and inflate the internal space formed by the sealing rings when the upper and lower moulds are pressed together. If there is air leakage in the place of the charging pile, the compressed air that we charge into the confined space will leak to the outside through the charging pile, The pressure in the closed space will be smaller, otherwise the sealing is good.

Double channel watch charging pile sealing test equipment

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