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Watch head waterproof test case brief sharing

As the most important part of a watch, the head of a watch usually carries out a waterproof test on the whole. The following is a detailed picture of the waterproof test made by Harris on the head of a customer's watch:

The mold designed by Harris for customers is one out of two mold, which can test two watch heads at the same time, speeding up the waterproof detection efficiency of the factory, and saving the equipment cost for the factory. Because the customer's watch head is a complete machine, there is no place for air intake, we designed this mold for the customer to completely seal the test product, and test the sealing performance of the watch head by filling the mold with compressed air. This test method is indirect test method.

The waterproof testing medium used in the watch head is compressed air. As a kind of testing medium of simulated water, compressed air has smaller molecules and is nondestructive testing.

Our detection process is divided into three steps: air intake stage-Stabilization stage-Test phase. According to the waterproof grade of the product and the size of the customer's product. The parameter settings of test time and test pressure are as follows:

Intake time:5S

Voltage stabilization time:5S

Test time:5S

Test pressure:30KPA

Upper leakage limit:0.05KPA

This test parameter is set according to the test situation of the product, which is not universal. If your product also needs to do waterproof test, you are welcome to consult Harris technology.

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