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Brief sharing of tightness test case of watch back shell

The following figure shows the pictures of the products we tested and the details of the test:

Test product: watch back shell

Test details display of watch back shell

Air tightness testing equipment for watch back shell

Now more and more watches have waterproof function, and the better the sealing, the longer the service life. Therefore, many parts of the watch that are easy to get water need to be waterproof tested. This time to do the sealing test is the back cover of the watch, because the waterproof grade of this watch isIP68Grade, belongs to the highest waterproof grade, customer requirements of the test pressure as high as100kpa ,The test pressure is determined according to the waterproof grade required by the product and the product structure of the customer. The higher the test pressure is, the higher the requirements for the structure and quality of the product are, otherwise the product will be damaged due to the high test pressure.

The back shell of the watch belongs to the semi-finished structure. For this kind of semi-finished product, we take the way of direct inflation to test. Our mold will seal this side of the watch back shell with silicone. Then inflate into the closed space formed by the watch back shell and silica gel. The instrument judges whether the product leaks according to the change of air pressure in the space. Our air tightness testing equipment can directly see the value of air pressure inside, the value of leakage, and whether the air pressure is stable. Finally, according to our set value, it directly shows that the product isOK stillNG .

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