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How does the bracelet pass the waterproof tester to test the IP67 waterproof grade?

With people's increasing demand for quality of life in life, intelligent wearable devices are also widely loved by the public. Through the bracelet, it can record movement data, monitor sleep status, diet data and other functions, and can synchronize data with mobile phones or computers. It plays a role in real-time and clear understanding of health data indicators through data.

Research on Intelligent SPORTS BRACELETWaterproof testFirst of all, we need to understand the user's demand for the bracelet. There are many application scenarios of the bracelet, which can be worn daily, can also be used for sleep monitoring, and can also be used for sports health tracking, but the most important thing is to achieve the waterproof standard. Now let's take a look at how smart bracelets do IP67 waterproof detection!

手环Waterproof tester检测IP67防水等级-海瑞思科技

Harris smart BraceletWaterproof testerThe non-destructive testing method with compressed air as the medium is used to detect the bracelet. The intelligent bracelet is put into the sealed tooling mold, and then a certain air pressure is filled into the tooling. The product is judged to be qualified by the change of air pressure leakage during the holding time.


This time, the customer chose the customized double station bracelet防水测试仪The requirement of waterproof grade is 50m waterproof standard. The use of double station can better improve the detection efficiency, reduce the detection time and cost. Hercules technology has customized the dual die tool groove, which fully meets the requirements of customers' nondestructive product testing standards, reaching a new height in the industry.

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