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Watch waterproof breathable film waterproof test case sharing

In terms of waterproof performance, watches can be divided into diving watch, waterproof watch and non waterproof watch. Nowadays, watches are not only used as the needs of work, but also as a symbol of status in some occasions,Watch waterproof testIt's becoming more and more important.

Today, our test case is the waterproof and breathable film of watchAir tightness testAs can be seen in the figure below, there are many buttons and some ventilation holes on the edge of the middle frame of the watch in the figure. These places are the most easy places for water to enter. If the customer is in a closed or high air pressure place, these holes must be ventilated to keep the internal and external air pressure of the watch stable. Air permeability and waterproof at the same time, which requires our equipment to conduct accurate testing.

Our company will customize a tooling according to the products provided by customers, and then use 300kp air pressure to test, first put the product into the fixture for fixation, and then press the switch to start the test.

The detection principle is to fill the air pressure into the water tank, use the air pressure to the water pressure, and then make it align with the waterproof and breathable film through the blue pipe shown in the figure to complete the detection process; After the test, take out the product to see if there are small water drops on the surface of the reverse water permeable membrane. If there are small water drops, it is ng. If there are no small water drops, then the waterproof permeable membrane is OK.

HarrisAir tightness testercharacteristic:

(1) Strong stability: test equipment for more than 1000 factories of product quality escort, and widely recognized by customers.

(2) High precision: the test precision can reach 1pA, which is protected by international patent

(3) Using the latest hi-os 2.0 system, friendly interface, simple operation, a number of user-friendly operation.

(4) Using compressed air as the testing medium, complete nondestructive testing.

(5) Test process is fast, test results are objective, and can automatically determine the product OK, ng

(6) It can connect the upper computer and scanner to realize intelligent test, and has the function of automatically exporting data.

Hiris has tested more than 5000 kinds of products, and has unique solutions for air tightness testing of all kinds of products. If your products need air tightness testing equipment, you are welcome to bring your products to hiris for negotiation.

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