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How does Harris technology do the waterproof detection of mobile camera?

With the continuous development of mobile phone manufacturing industry, as well as people's usedemandConstantly improve,Mobile phone has become an indispensable electronic device. Many of these phones have started to be equipped with multiple cameras. It is necessary to make the camera waterproof. In order to meet this demand, manufacturers in the production of mobile phones in the waterproof performance of the camera to ensure absolute stability and practicality.

Product to be tested: mobile camera

The traditional waterproof detection methods have the disadvantages of inaccurate detection results and low efficiency; In the increasing pursuit of detection efficiency,Under the environment of saving labor cost and ensuring the yield of products, it is urgently neededThe new waterproof detection method can improve the detection efficiency and ensure the yield and stability of products.

Waterproof detection mould for mobile phone camera

The development of Harris TechnologyAir tightness and waterproof testerIs a new waterproof detection method, the following to shareCamera dispensing partIn the case of waterproof test, according to the customer's requirements, Harris technology uses the following equipment and solutions:

Equipment used: HarrisHNPilot series air tightness and waterproof tester

Solution: using the direct test method, according to the shape and structure of the back shell of the mobile phone, the fixture is designed to block the camera on the back shell of the mobile phone. The product is put on the mold according to the requirements. After pressing the start key, the lower mold pushes the back shell of the mobile phone to the designated position through the slide, and the upper mold presses down to block the camera on the back shell of the mobile phone. The instrument is inflated, stabilized and tested. The leakage of the camera is detected by monitoring the change of air pressure. The system automatically determines the test results according to the set parametersNGorOK

HarrisHNPilot series air tightness and waterproof tester

HarrisHNPilot series air tightness and waterproof testerIt is a product with many years of experience and technology accumulated by Harris, which can easily cope with various complex working conditions,The waterproof detection of the dispensing part of the mobile phone camera is no problem,The Internet of things andAITechnology, support a variety of communication protocols, convenient and convenientMESSystem dockingIt is very suitable for air tightness test of modern intelligent factory.

HNThree position cabinet tooling

Air tightness test is a very precise test. Any small change will have a great impact on the test results. Therefore, in air tightness test, the selection of equipment, tooling and parts should be confirmed by professionals as far as possible, and made together with the assistance of Harris technology, which can better guarantee the stability and accuracy of the test.

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