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Hailisi is a pioneer of real water testing, specializing in testing waterproof and breathable membrane of mobile phone

mobile phoneWe hope that they can not only work well in clean and orderly living and working places, but also work in various environments. In the worse environment, not only will not damage, but also good performance, which is rightmobile phonePut forward higher requirements. Water is almost everywhere,We need to protect some parts of the mobile phone.

To be sure, manufacturers have greatly improved the performance of these devices, and many of the mobile phones they make today are\Waterproof, can be immersed in water or prevent water from splashing into the equipment.The waterproof and breathable membrane of mobile phone is often used now.Due to its unique structure and performance, waterproof and breathable membrane is favored by users, which can prevent mobile phones from being affected by rain and snow, so as to effectively ensure the normal use of these consumer electronic products or terminal products。 So how to judge whether the waterproof and breathable membrane of mobile phone has met the requirements?todayHarris TechnologyLet's share oneWaterproof and breathable membrane for mobile phoneReal water test.

HarrisHWReal water tester is a kind of instrument specially developed for real water test of waterproof and breathable film. It is more used for sealing test of waterproof and breathable film of watch and mobile phone. It can be detected quickly(5-7S)The resolution is up to1Pa/s,We develop more techniques and design concepts to meet the requirements of high quality and help customers achieve the purpose of cost control.

According to the test product, the procedure and test pressure are set in advance. The test product is placed on the test fixture, and the test can be started by pressing and holding the start buttonmobile phoneThe waterproof and breathable film is a good product, and the water from the water outlet will not pass throughmobile phoneIf the waterproof and breathable membrane is unqualified, water will pass through the waterproof and breathable membrane. Moreover, when the waterproof and breathable film is pasted on the watch, if it is not pasted well, it will leak from the pasted position.

Harris TechnologystayHWTrue water testerThe field has a professional R & D team, production team/Testing equipment and rich experience can guarantee the quality of productsExcellent quality of equipment.adoptHarrisHWThe real water tester ensures the water resistance of the waterproof and breathable membrane of the mobile phone, so as to meet the all-round application needs of the mobile phone.

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