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Case study of airtight and waterproof testing for three proofs mobile phone back shell

Now many mobile phones are too much emphasis on the appearance, and ignore the practical three defense functionThree proofing mobile phone is a kind of mobile phone with slight dustproof, shockproof and waterproof functionsSo it has always been loved by young users who love outdoor sports.

Waterproof testing mould for back shell of three proofing mobile phone

The side waterproof structure of three proofing mobile phones on the market usually uses screws to fix the upper and lower shells, and the upper and lower shells interact directly to press the waterproof ring to achieve the waterproof effect. However, the waterproof consistency of this structure is not perfect, and the assembly process is cumbersome, which needs to be improved.Three proofing mobile phones often use the internal sealing technology of mobile phone motherboard, so that each component is made of white glue or plasticblackThe glue is encapsulated to achieve the insulation effect, which also achieves the purpose of waterproof.

Product to be tested: three proofs mobile phone back shell

Now the waterproof detection technology will generally detect the back shell of the three proofing mobile phone. This time, the customer needs to test the back shell of the three proofing mobile phoneIP67The following equipment and solutions have been used for the waterproof grade test by Harris Technology:

Equipment used: HarrisHPPioneer series air tightness and waterproof detector

Solution: the method of direct test is adopted to test. The profiling mold is designed according to the structure of the back shell of the mobile phone. The opening part of the back shell and the camera part of the mobile phone are blocked by the mold. Test parameters: test pressure17KPA, inflation time10S, voltage stabilization time10S, test time5S, upper limit of leakage value0.02KPAAfter putting the back shell of the mobile phone into the mold, press the start button on the instrument or tooling, and the mold presses down to block the back shell of the mobile phone. The instrument inflates, stabilizes and tests the back shell of the mobile phone, and detects its leakage by monitoring the air pressure change inside the back shell of the mobile phone, so as to automatically determine the products that exceed the upper limit of leakage or fail to reach the test pressureNGThe qualified products are judged asOK

Test parameters of airtight waterproof testing equipment

Through HarrisHPDevelop a series of air tightness and waterproof detector to realize isolation from the outside world,Precision technologyIP67levelWaterproof and dustproofTo accurately detect the water resistance of the back shell of the mobile phone,Protect your mobile phone effectively.

Three defense mobile phone back shellHPDevelop a series of air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Hiris technology focuses on building first-class air tightness testing equipment, and has been adhering to"Excellent quality, ensure the construction period, abide by the contract and provide high quality service"To provide customers with professional solutions for air tightness and waterproof testing.

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