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Hiris technology provides you with professional real water detection service for MIC porous film in mobile phone middle frame

Ifmobile phoneSpeakers andMICWithout barrier protection, foreign matters such as water and dust will adhere to the speaker or loudspeaker during long-term useMICIn fact, this can seriously affect the sound quality. SometimesThe mobile phone should be in theOutdoor rain, fog environment, and even to work underwater. In order to prevent water from seeping into the equipmentmobile phoneMy work,mustconductWaterproof design.

Product to be tested: mobile phone middle frameMICPorous membrane

MICPorous membraneThis is to protect the middle frame of the mobile phone from water,But also has the certain dustproof ventilating function, in order not to letMICholeContact with water, many electronic products manufacturers will useMICholeWaterproof and breathable membraneMICPorous membraneWhether waterproof also becomes important, need to be tested. Hiris technology forMICPorous membraneDeveloped aHWReal water series waterproof testing equipment

MICPorous membraneReal water detection fixture

In this case, Hercules TechnologyMobile phone middle frameOfMICPorous membraneconductIP68Waterproof gradeTesting. The following is the equipment used and the testing scheme.

Equipment used: HarrisHWReal water series waterproof testing equipment

Detection scheme: direct test method: according to the structure of the mobile phone middle frame, customize the mold, put the mobile phone middle frame on the mold, press the double start button on the instrument, the mold will push the mobile phone middle frame to the designated position by the slide, and clamp and fix the mobile phone middle frame. When the instrument enters the test program, first check the middle frame of the mobile phoneMICThe hole is used for pumping, and the pumping pressure is high-17KPAPumping time2SAnd againMICThe water filling pressure of the hole was tested10KPA, test pressure18KPAInflation time4S, voltage stabilization time6S, test time5SThe system can judge by the set parametersMICWhether the porous membrane meets the waterproof standard.

MICPorous membraneHWReal water series waterproof testing equipment

If the waterproof and breathable membrane is unqualified, water will pass through the waterproof and breathable membrane. In addition, when the waterproof and breathable film is pasted on theMobile phone middle frameIf there is not a good paste, it will leak from the location of the paste.HarrisHWReal water series waterproof testing equipmentThe detection of waterproof and breathable membrane can reduce the working pressure of staff, simple operation can shorten the working time, the whole detection process is stable, and the consistency of product detection is improved; The detection is accurate and efficient, which is very suitable for enterprises to carry out mass detection, and greatly reduces the detection cost of enterprises.

HarrisHWReal water series waterproof testing equipment

At present, there are few real water leak detection equipment in the market. Harris technology is the first to launch real water leak detection equipment in China, and has been unanimously recognized by the majority of customers. If you are interested in our products, welcome to our companycontactHarris technology.

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