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Convenient detection of waterproof and breathable film for mobile camera

With the progress of science and technology and the development of multimedia technology,Mobile camera plays an important role in mobile phoneMore and more important role.Mobile cameras are generally exposed to the outdoor environment,So we often encounter the problem of lens fogthusFactors affecting the cameraClarity and accuracy.

Mobile phone camera waterproof breathable film detection fixture

The camera will inhale a certain amount of air when adjusting the lensAir brings in water and dustWater and dust can pollute the lens. In order to solve this problem, waterproof and breathable membrane is usedThere it is,This waterproof and breathable product can block water and dust in the airLet the air flow freely. In this way, the lens will not be polluted during zoom adjustment.Waterproof and breathable film can solve the problem of lens fogging, so what equipment can be used to identify the problem of waterproof and breathable film?

HarrisHWReal water series waterproof testerTest parameters

For the betterDetect the waterproof problem of waterproof and breathable membrane, and meet the requirements of customersIP68Waterproof gradeThe following testing equipment and scheme are adopted by Harris Technology:

Equipment used: HarrisHWReal water series waterproof tester

Detection scheme: direct test method, customized mold according to the structure of mobile phone camera, mold needs to be installed on the instrument. Put the camera into the mold, press the start key, the mold will clamp the camera and fix it in the designated position, the instrument will enter the test program, use the-10The pressure is used to pump the test part2STo detect whether the waterproof and breathable film of the camera is missing. Then add water and pressure to the test part, and add water for a long time2S, pressure20KPA, pressurization time5SVoltage stabilization5Stest5SIf the permeable membrane can enter water, it means that the waterproof test of the camera fails, and the test result will also be displayedNG

HarrisHWReal water series waterproof tester

HarrisHWReal water series waterproof tester withHigh detection accuracy and high detection efficiency,To helpThe waterproof and breathable film industry of mobile camera has solved this waterproof problem.

Harris four position cabinet type tooling (real water) detection equipment

Harrisscience and technologymajorAir tightness and waterproof testmanufactor,For more than ten years, we have focused on the research and development of air tightness and waterproof testing equipment,According to customer requirements, fast, high quality to provide one-stop serviceIn all walks of life have made excellent reputation.

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