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In order to make the mobile phone rear camera waterproof detection more convenient, Harris launched this kind of detection equipment

Holding a smart phone with mature functions, what other reasons can attract you to change?

Larger, higher resolution screens? Or a faster processor? Forget about it, dual camerasThree camerasMaybe it's the next technology that will attract you to change, or even transform the industry.

Product to be tested: smart phone rear camera

Now there are more and more cameras on mobile phones, two cameras can not meet the demand, and three cameras are becoming a new trend. Judging from the models launched by major manufacturers at home and abroad, following the dual camera and even multi camera lens,The waterproof function of the camera has been mentioned more and more, and has gradually become a hot topicEach majorMobile phone manufacturersThe role of marketingNew selling point

Waterproof inspection fixture for rear camera of smart phone

Although the mobile phone has achieved nearly full screen effect, which is enough to stimulate the visual nerve of consumers, it is not good for consumerscameraWaterproof and dustproof put forward higher requirements. along withAir tightness and waterproof testing equipmentWith the development of modern technology, this kind of waterproof treatment has gradually become the mainstream。 Next, Harris technology will share with you the smart phone rear cameraIP67The case of waterproof grade detection.

Technical parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

According to the requirements of customers, Harris technology has adopted the following testing equipment and testing scheme:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Detection scheme: direct test method: according to the structure of the product, customize the mold, put the mobile phone camera into the mold, press the start button on the instrument, press the mold to seal the mobile phone camera, enter the test program, and the instrument inflates, stabilizes and tests it. Through the set parameters to detect the sealing condition of mobile phone camera edge (leakage value:& le;0.06KPA)。 Test pressure10KPA, inflation time3S, voltage stabilization time3S, test time3S

HarrisHCClassic air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

From single shot, double shot to multi shot, there are more and more rear cameras in smart phones, which put forward higher requirements for the detection accuracy, detection efficiency and detection methods of mobile phone electronic components.The method of using hermetic waterproof detection equipment can not only shorten the detection time, but also improve the detection accuracy, greatly provide the detection efficiency, and quickly detect whether the mobile phone camera is waterproof. Harris TechnologyBased on comprehensive, professional, efficient and intelligent solutions,It adds accurate power to the detection of mobile phone rear camera.

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