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Case sharing of waterproof test for back shell of Apple mobile phone

The case that Harris technology brings to you this time is a back shell of Apple mobile phone. As we all know, the importance of waterproof of mobile phone cannot be underestimated. Otherwise, the water splashing in life and the sudden rainstorm. May cause the mobile phone to appear the damage and the irreparable condition. There's no problem with a waterproof iPhone like this. Because its waterproof detection requirements are very strict and rigorous! This time, a certain generation of Apple mobile phone back shell factory still chose to cooperate with Shenzhen Harris technology and adopt HarrisAir tightness detectorAdvanced IP67 waterproof test. Thank you for your recognition of hermetic tester! Let's take a look at the air tightness test case picture of the mobile phone back shell!

As can be seen from the figure above, it's the back shell of a deep empty gray mobile phone of Apple mobile phone. This is the product that we will carry out air tightness test this time.

Shenzhen Harris automation technology has been committed to the R & D and production of mobile phone air tightness detector, and has done a lot of mobile phone air tightness and waterproof grade test experiments, with rich technical experience. At present, the representative mobile phone testing manufacturers are oppo, Huawei, apple, Foxconn, Xiaomi and other international famous brands.

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