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Air tightness test case of mobile phone back shell

The importance of waterproof mobile phone, I believe we are very clear. Now a waterproof test of mobile phone before leaving the factory is an indispensable link for all manufacturers. The air tightness detection function of mobile phone waterproof is to ensure that the performance of mobile phone waterproof can reach a qualified standard. As the first barrier of waterproof, the importance of mobile phone shell can not be ignored! This time I want to share with you the design of the back shell of the mobile phoneAir tightness testcase

As can be seen from the above figure, we put the mobile phone case into a customized mold, and then inflate it with compressed air to conduct an air tightness test. Then we detect the change of air pressure through the high-precision sensor of the instrument, and judge whether the waterproof performance of the mobile phone case is qualified according to its leakage value.


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