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Case analysis of air tightness test for mobile phone horn

Smart phones have become indispensable products around us. No matter in communication, payment and entertainment, they can bring great convenience to our life. However, if the waterproof level is not up to the standard, it is very easy to damage. The maintenance price of mobile phones is not low, and it is also very troublesome, Therefore, the manufacturer will strictly require the products to reach the waterproof level before passing the factory. Therefore, it is necessary to do air tightness test for mobile phone speakers. Let's take a look at the development of Harris technologyAir tightness detectorHow to detect the waterproof of mobile phone horn!



As can be seen from the above figure, the mobile phone horn is a very small and precise mobile phone component. The air tightness test scheme of the mobile phone horn is a single mold three product test. The customers are very satisfied with the effect of this scheme, which is beyond the previous test methods. This scheme can improve the test efficiency and greatly reduce the labor cost and the cost of test equipment.

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