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How to detect the real water detector of Harris HW series? This test principle must be seen

The waterproof and breathable membrane can effectively resist the adverse effect of pressure difference caused by temperature change. The waterproof and breathable membrane can quickly balance the pressure inside and outside the shell when the ambient temperature and pressure change. In gas sensors and electrochemical sensors, waterproof and breathable products can prevent dust, dirt or liquid from invading the sensor head. At the same time, the waterproof and breathable membrane can let the gas pass through the membrane immediately, so as to ensure that the response speed of the sensor remains constant and prevent errors and delays in the measurement results.

Real water test of cell phone case with wheat porous film

There are many uses of waterproof breathable film, mainly used in the field of electronic products, the main purpose is to do a good job in the dust-proof, waterproof, breathable and heat dissipation of electronic products. Waterproof and breathable film can help these electronic products waterproof, and at the same time can maintain enough permeability, so that electronic products have been in a sealed state, also give full play to the function of waterproof and breathable film.

Testing equipment for waterproof and breathable film of lens module

What kind of test does the waterproof and breathable membrane need to go through before leaving the factory? Harris technology is here to tell you. HarrisHWSeries real water detector can test all kinds of waterproof and breathable membrane. Let's shareMICAn example of true water test for permeable membrane.

Real water test of watch breathable film

Test principle:

1.Factory compressed air street flow tester internal;

twoReal water testing machine0.6~1.2MPaThe pressure of compressed air is adjusted to50KPAOr a suitable pressure;

threeBefore the test, the upper die cylinder drives the upper die to press on the top of the product to fix the product, and the side cylinder drives the sealant to press on the back of the testMICThe sealant on the hole is formed with the hole1A sealed cavity;

fourVacuum the sealed cavity through the real water testing machine, and check whether the waterproof and breathable membrane has defects such as plugging holes. If not, conduct waterproof test, and produce water leakage50KPAThe pressure pushes the water in the pipe to act on the waterMICOn the surface of the waterproof and breathable membrane in the hole (precharge and test), and turn off the air filling source; Regulated voltage6Second, test the pressure drop of water pressure in the water pipe7According to the pressure drop in the water pipe, the tester judges whether the waterproof and breathable membrane is leaking.

Real water testing equipment for watch waterproof and breathable film

HWReal water tester is an instrument specially developed by Harris for real water test of waterproof and breathable membrane. It not only has the function of generating simulated test water pressure, but also can automatically identify whether the waterproof and breathable membrane leaks under the action of simulated water pressure. The measurement results can be quantified, which improves the disadvantages of manual confirmation at present, It makes it possible to test, judge and produce the products with waterproof and breathable film automatically, which can improve the efficiency of customers and ensure the quality of products.

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