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Detail display of tightness test of wire harness

We have mentioned many cases about the tightness detection of wire harness in the past, and the detection technology of Harris technology in this aspect has also been very mature. Whether it is the simultaneous detection of multiple wire harness, or the tightness detection of single wire bundle and multi wire head, Harris technology can develop appropriate solutions. This time, we will analyze the sealing test process of wire harness.

(tightness tester of wire harness)

1. As a related auxiliary product, the harness can be fully used only if it has good sealing performance. In order to fully ensure its safety performance, the manufacturer will test its sealing performance before leaving the factory;

(wiring harness)

2. When testing, we have to face different shapes of wire harness for corresponding testing. According to their shape, characteristics and precision, we need to develop a set of corresponding solutions. We need to pay attention to its calculation method, pressure and software algorithm calculation, and accurately judge whether there are defects in the wire harness, so as to improve the production quality of wire harness;

3. Nowadays, there are many kinds of tightness testing methods for wire harness. Different types of wire harness have different applicability methods. But generally speaking, the most advanced testing method is to judge whether the tightness of these products is qualified by judging the leakage and air pressure during the testing process. Wire harness is an auxiliary product, Only when its quality reaches the standard, other related industries can have more long-term development.

After analyzing the principle and significance of harness detection, let's take a look at this case

1. The harness to be tested this time is a common style on the market. Multiple wires are combined into a bundle, and the sizes of the fixators at the front and rear ends are different, so they need to be fixed during the test;

(details of tightness test of wiring harness)

2. This time, a special mold is needed to fix the wire harness. The middle of the mold on the tooling is hollowed out, the middle of the wire harness is clamped into the groove, and the front wire head is clamped to the front of the mold. There is a moving tool on the right side of the tooling, and there is a conduit connected with the instrument on the back. When testing, the right mold will clamp the front opening of the wire and fill the gas into the inside;

3. Before the detection, we need to input the detection parameters on the instrument. After pressing the start button, the instrument will input the gas without impurities through the catheter. At this time, the instrument interface will display the parameter changes during the detection. Until the gas reaches the corresponding pressure value, the instrument will automatically cut off the gas supply, At this time, the instrument will judge its sealing condition by the air pressure leakage inside the harness.

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