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How to realize the whole sealing test of wire rod- Harris Technology

1、 Wire sealing process

The sealing and waterproof treatment process of wire rod generally adopts sealing ring or whole glue pouring at the joint to seal, while the whole wire rod is wrapped with waterproof material to isolate the invasion of external substances. When the sealing ring is not installed in place, bubbles appear in the glue filling, or holes and cracks appear in the external material, it means that the wire sealing is not in place.

2、 Key points and difficulties of wire rod integral sealing test

1. The diameter and length of wire are different, so we can't carry out full contact surface detection, so we need to use indirect detection method.

2. The wire has strong plasticity and high softness, which increases the difficulty of detection.

3. Wire leakage value is very small, even difficult to monitor.

4. Due to the limited pressure on the wire, it is necessary to set the wire in a unified way

5. Nondestructive testing and non pollution testing are required

3、 Display and principle of hermetic tester for wire rod

Hermetic tester for wire rod

Because the diameter of the wire is too small, it is not suitable to use the direct inflation method for testing, so Harris technology adopts the indirect detection method, and we customize the mold auxiliary detection for the wire. Compressed air is used as the detection medium to directly inflate the mold, and unnecessary pollution to the wire can be avoided without liquid detection. The mold is divided into upper mold and lower mold. After the two molds are closed, they can provide a sealed detection environment for the air tightness detection, and also facilitate the monitoring of the internal air pressure of the mold.

Die of hermetic tester for wire rod

The mould is different from our previous moulds in shape of a groove. The bundled wire is put into the mould during the test,

After starting the test, the precision pressure sensor of the air tightness test equipment starts to work, strictly monitors the air pressure change in the mold, controls the test air pressure within a certain range, and completes the test under the pressure that the line material can bear. Finally, after a series of calculations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and the air tightness and IP waterproof grade of the wire can be detected according to the leakage value. Here are the details of the test.

4、 Parameters of hermetic tester for wire rod

The tester has been put into production line testing, and its advantages of high efficiency and high precision have won the praise of users.

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