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Case study of airtight and waterproof test for medical devices

The use of medical devices plays a certain auxiliary role in medical treatment. It is the instrument, equipment, apparatus, materials or other articles used in the human body alone or in combination, which plays an important role in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases. People have not only the requirement of safety, but also the requirement of precision.

Air tightness detector of medical puncture device

With the rapid development of world medical technology in recent years, more and more world-class medical enterprise giants in Europe and the United States have transferred their R & D and production centers to China, and the advanced functional testing system of medical devices has entered China. A very important test in the functional testing system is the air tightness test. The air tightness test is a necessary step in the production process of many products, in order to ensure that there is no leakage in the parts of the product. Two important reasons for air tightness testing are to ensure the quality and safety of products. Ensure quality, prevent failure, reduce high cost and customer dissatisfaction caused by production error, ensure product safety and meet process requirements on leakage.

Air tightness testing equipment for blood separation bottle

Thanks to the improvement of facilities and manufacturing industry, many existing sealing test equipment can realize the non-destructive testing of products. For example, airtightness and waterproof testing equipment of Harris technology. Harris TechnologyThere are mainly two ways to detect medical equipment: direct detection and indirect detection. For those with air filling holes, such as medical urine bags and respirators, we can use the method of direct inflation for detection, and we don't need to customize the chemical equipment for the test products, we can use the method of direct inflation for detection; For medical products without air filling hole, such as surgical puncture device and electronic stethoscope, Harris technology generally adopts indirect testing method. Generally, we need to make a profiling mold according to the shape of the product.

Waterproof test of tooth washer

With its high precision and stability, Hermes air tightness detector has been used for more than 10 yearstwo thousandThis equipment is used in thousands of factories. The sensor precision of Harris air tightness detector can reach0.2%FS The actual test accuracy can be better than that1This precision has been patented by the state.

Air tightness test of electronic stethoscope

Hermes air tightness tester is suitable for puncture device sealing test, sealing test, endoscope waterproof test, water tightness test, infusion connecting pipe air tightness test, air tightness test and other fields. We have a complete set of medical equipment waterproof test equipment, air tightness test equipment and technology, which is the basis of medical equipment sealing test, air tightness test, The industry preferred brand of air tightness testing equipment,stillcanaccording toProvide high quality air tightness test equipment and technical support according to different requirements

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