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Test example of medical puncture device of hermetic testing equipment

In the human minimally invasive medical surgery, once the disease is found in the body, it needs surgical resection. In the operation process, the first thing to be applied is the puncture device. The puncture device is a kind of surgical instrument that penetrates the abdominal wall and enters the body cavity channel for other surgical instruments, which belongs to a minimally invasive surgical instrument. Air tightness detector is an important process to ensure product quality and production safety. Its role in the production process has been widely recognized, and its application field is more and more wide,medical carePuncture deviceIt's no exception.medical carePuncture deviceStrict air tightness test is required before deliveryOnly after it is qualified can it leave the factory.

Product to be tested: medical puncture device

Puncture device plays a very important role in medical operation, and the air tightness test is also very strict. If the accuracy of the instrument is not enough, it can not meet the test requirements of puncture device. Existingmedical carePuncture deviceThere are many kinds of air tightness testing methods, but the efficiency is low.So, what does Harris technology do for usmedical carePuncture deviceAir tightness testHow is it done? Let's have a look~

Medical puncture deviceWaterproof inspection fixture

Due to theVulnerability needs to be tested with very low pressureThe test pressure isfourKPA。 Use the following methods and equipment for testing:

Medical puncture deviceAir tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Equipment used: HarrisHPDevelop a series of air tightness testing equipment

Detection method: direct detection method, can be tested at the same time4A puncture device of different sizes is used to put the products of different sizes into the corresponding tooling holes, open the air pressure switch to be tested on the tooling, inflate the product, and detect the air pressure change in the sealing space. The test pressure is4KPAThe upper limit of leakage shall not exceed50paProve that the product isOKOf

For the pressure can not reach4KPAOr the upper limit of leakage is exceeded50PAIt can be detected quickly. It can also detect the size of the leakage value of the product, so that customers can improve the product.

HarrisHPDevelop a series of air tightness testing equipment

Using HarrisHPDevelop a series of air tightness testing equipmentIt can be detected at the same time4This method is more rigorous and accurate than water testing. Customers are very satisfied with it, and they prefer to use air tightness testing equipment to test medical products.

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