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Application and development of air tightness testing equipment in medical products

With the rapid development of medical technology, medical equipment plays an important role in clinical application. As a kind of medical supplies, the safety of medical equipment has always been the focus of attention. Many medical products need to be in direct contact with the internal organs of the human body, so they need to have waterproof requirements. In order to ensure its waterproof performance, it is necessary to test the air tightness of medical products. In order to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of detection, now manufacturers generally use itAir tightness detectorSealing test of medical products. Hiris technology is mature in the detection of medical products, with rich cases. We have done many air tightness tests of medical equipment, such as: surgical puncture device, medical washing gun, respirator, tooth washer, electronic stethoscope


In terms of air tightness test of medical products, the common waterproof grade is IP67 or IP68. Generally, the test pressure is 12kpa ~ 20KPa. The test time depends on the size of the product. Generally, the complete test time is between 10s and 20s.

There are mainly two ways to detect medical equipment: direct detection and indirect detection. For those with air filling holes, such as medical urine bags and respirators, we can use the method of direct inflation for detection, and we don't need to customize the chemical equipment for the test products, we can use the method of direct inflation for detection; For medical products without air filling hole, such as surgical puncture device and electronic stethoscope, Harris technology generally adopts indirect testing method. Generally, we need to make a profiling mold according to the shape of the product.

With its high precision and stability, Harris air tightness detector has more than 2000 sets of equipment used in thousands of factories. The sensor precision of Harris air tightness detector can reach 0.2% FS, and the actual test precision can be better than 1 Pa. this test precision has obtained the national patent. The high precision of Harris air tightness detector is very suitable for testing the air tightness of medical equipment. Manufacturers interested in waterproof test, sealing test and air tightness test of medical equipment and medical supplies are welcome to consult Harris technology. We provide a complete set of sealing test program.

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