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Application of air tightness testing equipment in testing air tightness of oxygen bag

As the name suggests, oxygen bags are used to hold oxygen. They are mainly made of non-toxic and non harmful chemical materials. The oxygen bag is convenient to carry and easy to operate, and can be used for family health care and emergency transportation in medical units. Usually, there is a rubber tube on the oxygen bag, on which there is a regulator, which can adjust the flow rate and the oxygen filled into the oxygen bag. Because the oxygen bag is used to store oxygen, if the sealing is not good, it will cause oxygen leakage and affect the use of users. Therefore, oxygen bag manufacturers will test its air tightness. Today, Harris technology will share with you the air tightness testing method of oxygen bags and the air tightness of oxygen bagsAir tightness detectorHow to use it.


(airtightness tester of Harris respirator)

The positions where we need to conduct air tightness test are the rubber tube of the oxygen bag and the rubber tube inside the oxygen bag. The end of the rubber tube of the oxygen bag is provided with an air filling hole. The product can be tested by the direct air filling method, and the air filling hole of the test object can be directly connected with the air filling hole of the instrument. Our air tightness tester has eight test units. We usually use the international standard unit of kPa to set up the test procedure. This customer requires us to use the unit of mmHg for testing. The customer's test requirement is to use 300 mmHg (equivalent to 39 kPa), and the leakage rate is not more than 6 mmHg (equivalent to 0.8 kPa). A qualified oxygen bag needs to meet two standards at the same time: the pressure can reach 300 mmHg; the leakage rate can reach 0.8 kPa; The leakage value is not more than 6 mmHg. According to the customer's test value, set the program on the air tightness tester and save it. We can directly select this test program when testing.


(air tightness test product: oxygen bag)

Hercules HC classicAir tightness testing equipmentIt has 100 groups of subroutines, each group of subroutines can be programmed individually, can be selected singly, and can be combined to meet various complex test requirements.

The use of air tightness detector is very simple. It only needs to connect the air source and power supply, connect the test product with the instrument, and select the set program to start the test. The instrument automatically determines whether it is OK or ng according to the set program

In the medical industry, Harris has tested many different products, such as medical washing gun, tooth washer, electronic stethoscope, puncture device, etc. if you are interested in the air tightness testing equipment in the medical industry, please call Harris technology. Hiris air tightness detector system is an independent intelligent analysis and control system hi-os 2.0. It has powerful function and stable test. Approved by thousands of customers. The main functions are as follows


Powerful 32-bit processor and 24 bit a / D converter, plus the patented "intelligent differential pressure" algorithm, the test accuracy is equivalent to that of differential pressure type. Compared with the differential pressure type, the leakage range is larger, which is basically equal to the test range.

AI algorithm

The automatic learning function can identify the characteristic information of the sample to be tested, analyze the effective data of the sample information, automatically judge and identify the leakage critical point, and obtain the optimal process time parameters through the analysis of the critical value, which greatly improves the difficulty of the first contact with the instrument.

Powerful test function

The system comes with two pressure forms and eight basic judgment methods, which can be combined into more than 20 test functions to easily cope with various working conditions and meet your various requirements!

Stable, reliable and efficient

Built in self-developed patented technology, "IVT" pneumatic sealing valve island; At the same time, the big leak has been detected in the inflation stage, which saves the whole test time.

The test process is simple and universal

No standard parts, no need to do two sets of fixture, no need to compare with the standard parts, eliminate the deformation error of standard parts after multiple tests.

More scalable

Modular design, according to the requirements of a host control multi-channel full function valve island composed of the executive module. Realize full function multi-channel test including positive and negative pressure and indirect test.

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