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Water proof test mold display of nailing gun cylinder

Pneumatic nailing gun is a gun type nailing tool which uses air source to nail. It is composed of air cylinder, gun head, trigger, cylinder head, piston and other instruments. In the process of use, people have higher requirements on its water resistance, especially the water resistance of air cylinder. If its waterproof is not high, air leakage will appear in the cylinder, which will affect the normal use of the nailing gun. Therefore, it is very important to test the water resistance of nail gun cylinder. Hiris technology has done a lot of research in the field of water resistance test. This time, we will share the water resistance test of nail gun cylinder, hoping to help you.

(water proof tester for nailing gun cylinder)

1、 Inspection requirements of nailing gun cylinder

1. The shape of the cylinder is cylindrical, and there is an air outlet outside the cylinder, which will be used to install the pressure regulating valve later. The whole is hollow;

Nailing gun cylinder

2. The particularity of the cylinder leads to the higher requirements of the detection. The detection should not only meet the requirements of sealing and nondestructive, but also make the detection results accurate;

2、 Inspection process display of nailing gun cylinder

1. Because the overall shape of the cylinder is special, there is an air outlet connected to the outside of the cylinder, and the whole cylinder is in a hollow shape. Harris technology has customized a mold for the cylinder to cover the air supply cylinder. The external air outlet can be fixed by aligning with the guide connecting the instrument duct;

2. As the cylinder is used as an industrial product, its use environment is relatively harsh. We have tested the air pressure at 200 psi this time. Such strict test conditions ensure the precision of test results.

(water proof inspection mould display of nailing gun cylinder)

3. At the beginning of the test, the cylinder is connected with our instrument. There is a valve island, air tank and other components inside the instrument, as well as our set program. After connecting, press the start key. The upper mold is used to fix the cylinder, and the glass plate on the tooling is closed with the mold to form a closed space for the cylinder. The appliance connecting the duct on the left side of the tooling will fill the cylinder with impurity free gas, so that the tightness of the cylinder can be judged by the air saturation inside the cylinder;

2. If the cylinder is not sealed, air leakage occurs. At this time, the leakage value in the instrument will be larger and larger, and the pressure value will drop. At this time, it can determine whether the cylinder leaks, and the instrument test results will also show ng, which means that the tightness test does not pass. If the test cylinder does not leak, the gas in the tooling die will be in a constant state after inflation, the pressure value and leakage value displayed on the instrument are also stable, and the test result of the instrument will display the word OK, indicating that the waterproof test has passed.

3、 Parameters of sealing tester for nailing gun cylinder

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