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Water proof test scheme of tooth washer: Harris Technology

After the emergence of electric toothbrush, tooth washer has become a tooth cleaning artifact. Both toothwasher and electric toothbrush, as the water contact equipment of the machine body, need to have a certain degree of waterproof. The manufacturer will conduct strict waterproof test on them, and judge whether the performance of the product meets the requirements through the test data. As a waterproof testing expert, we have developed a waterproof tester for tooth washers, providing high-precision waterproof testing instruments for manufacturers. Here is our testing scheme.

Real shooting of the waterproof tester of herrens technology tooth washer

1、 Key points of waterproof test for tooth washer

Because the main part of the body of the tooth washer has anti-seepage technology, the body is mostly sealed as a whole, so it is required that the appearance and internal parts are not damaged in the waterproof test. Secondly, each or each brand of toothwasher waterproof detection level is not the same, so waterproof detector needs to have a variety of waterproof detection function, to achieve the best monitoring of product quality.

Waterproof test tooling of herrens technology tooth washer

2、 Waterproof test of Harris technology tooth washer

Based on the above inspection requirements of the tooth washer, Hermes technology adopts the air tightness inspection method to inspect the water resistance. We make a suitable mold and tooling for the tooth washer that needs to do the water resistance inspection. Put the tooth washer into the mold to form a sealed inspection space, and then the tooling will inflate the mold, Because the change of the precision pressure sensor of the water-proof detection equipment of the tooth washer is transmitted to the water-proof detection system, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained after a series of calculations, and then the sealing performance and IP waterproof grade of the tooth washer can be detected according to the leakage value.

3、 Water proof test details of herrense technology toothwash

4、 Introduction to related functions

1. Large size touch screen is used as the human-machine interface, which can easily monitor the test results and set various parameters in the process of waterproof test.

2. It has the alarm function of qualified and unqualified products, which can eliminate the possibility of manual misjudgment and misinspection.

3. With 4-way switch input and 8-way relay output, it can accept the control of external sensors and switch buttons, and can control the external relay, solenoid valve and other executive components, which is convenient to realize the full automation of the test.

4. The waterproof tester has 200 user subroutines. By setting the parameters of the subroutines on the touch screen, the user can connect different subroutines in series to form a test process. Through the I / O interface of the leakage tester, the leakage tester can receive the control signals from external sensors and control the external executive components (relays, solenoid valves, etc.). So as to realize the automation of the test process.

5. With test data recording function, test data can be downloaded to U disk and displayed by computer.

6. With barcode scanning function, it can track and record defective products and repair situation; The function of upper computer.

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