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Function of waterproof detector for pager

As a tool to assist both parties to respond in time, pager plays a unique role in finance, medical treatment, catering and other fields. However, the waterproof property has always been an important factor affecting its service life. In order to improve its service life, the pager needs to meet the ipx7 waterproof test standard or even higher, which requires an instrument that can detect different waterproof grades. Therefore, a waterproof tester suitable for full line test under Harris technology has become a star product in the industry.

Product drawing of Hailisi technology pager waterproof detector

The water-proof detector of this pager is composed of three parts: tester, gas source and tooling. Compressed air is used as the detection medium, and the pressure drop test method is used to test the tightness. Tooling for product testing area, its mobility is very strong, with different mold can be for different products to test sealing. If the waterproof test is carried out on the wired caller, the wire should be put into the corresponding mold for testing because the wire is connected. For the waterproof test of wireless pager, we only need to make the sealing tooling according to the shape of the pager and put it into the test. To deal with different testing products, we only need to change the tooling.

In order to meet the manufacturer's production testing needs, Harris technology has entered different waterproof testing level modes for the equipment. In response to the different waterproof level detection of the caller, only need to switch the waterproof level data in the equipment. At the same time, Harris technology has equipped it with "positive and negative" pressure forms and eight basic test modes, which can be selected or combined. It can support leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other sealing test methods, and the test range is about - 40kpa ~ 150kPa. Using 24 bit a / D conversion, 32-bit CPU operation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. Built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, support a variety of communication protocols, enhance the operability of the equipment, and improve the detection efficiency of manufacturers.

Because the pager waterproof detector breaks through the limitations of special machine and single level detection, covering wired and wireless, large and small, outdoor and indoor and other different types of pager waterproof detection, supporting a number of waterproof level detection. It not only improves the adaptability of the machine detection, but also reduces the detection cost. It is praised by the majority of manufacturers, and has been put into a large number of waterproof detection of pagers.

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