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Hermes air tightness waterproof testing equipment is a waterproof testing artifact loved by automobile manufacturers

Automobile engine controllerIt's for controlautomobileThe starting, running, advancing and retreating, speed and stopping of the motor and the core control device of other electronic devices of the electric vehicle, it is very importantimageyesautomobileMy brain, yesautomobileIt's a very important part of the car.Automobile engine controller plays an important role in many aspects, so its waterproof performance will directly affect the condition of the vehicle.

Waterproof inspection fixture for automobile engine controller

ExistingAutomobile engine controllerUsually do not pay attention to the sealing of the connection part between the cover and the box, if the sealing is not good, it is easy to make water or other liquid penetrate into the interior of the controller, thus causing damage to the internal components of the controller, as well as the heat dissipation effect of the controller and the shock absorption effect after installation, which seriously affects the safe use of the controller.

Test parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

In order to improve the detection accuracy and efficiency, and realize the detection automation, the current popular detection method isuseAir tightnessWaterproof testing equipment. According to the requirements of customers, Harris technology has used the following testing equipment and solutions for automobile engine controller:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipment

Detection scheme: direct test method, customized mold according to the structure of the controller, and the upper mold to the controller3Plug the two plug parts. Test parameters: test pressure21KPA, inflation time10S, voltage stabilization time10S, test time10S, leakage value:0.05KPA。 By monitoring the change of air pressure to test the leakage of the product, the charging base system will automatically determine the leakage value if it exceeds the upper limit of the leakage value or fails to reach the test pressureNG

HarrisHCDetailed description of the characteristics of classic series air tightness testing instruments

Thetest method It can effectively block water or other liquid water from enteringCar startController internal, protectionCar startThe internal components of the controller can effectively heat and shock the controller, effectively protect the controller and extend the service life of the controller.

HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness testing instruments

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of Harris TechnologyIt provides the guarantee of speed, releases the human resources, and provides the service for the enterpriseWaterproofing in automobile industryAir tightness test provides the guarantee of speed and cost。 Not only that, with advanced technology and high-quality service, Harris technology has won the trust and praise of customers.

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