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Airtight and waterproof testing equipment for charging base of herrense electric vehicle, achieving efficiency and time saving

Now electric vehicles have entered thousands of households and become an indispensable part of our daily life,For ordinary office workers, E-bike is also the most popular means of transportation they choose at present. With the increasing number of e-bikes, it brings a lot of conveniencemeanwhileThere are also many problems that users are difficult to charge.

Product to be tested: electric vehicle charging stand

Electric vehicles in the actual use of the process will generally be equipped with batteries for chargingElectric vehicleWhen charging is finished, the waterproof and dustproof cover on the charging base should be closed to prevent electric leakage or riding environment from damaging the charging base;The waterproof cover alone is certainly not enough for waterproofing, and it needs to be tested for waterproofing. Nowadays, the most commonly used waterproof detection method of electric vehicle charging base is to use air tight waterproof detection equipment.

Waterproof inspection fixture for electric vehicle charging base

Harris technology has testing experience in electric vehicle charging stand. Today, I'd like to share this case with you. According to the requirements of customers, we need toElectric vehicle charging standconductIP68Waterproof gradeThe following is the testing equipment and scheme used:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipment

Detection scheme: direct test method, according to the structure of the charging base custom mold, mold design two charging holes, two charging ports are equipped with air inlet switch, can detect two parts at the same time, can also detect a part separately. When two parts were detected, the results were as followsNGOnly when one part is detected separately, the specific leakage part can be known. Test parameters: test pressure31KPAInflation time5SVoltage stabilization time:8STest time:5S, leakage value:0.05KPA.By monitoring the change of air pressure to test the leakage of the product, the charging base system will automatically determine the leakage value if it exceeds the upper limit of the leakage value or fails to reach the test pressureNG

HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipmenttechnical parameter

The use of air tightness and waterproof detection equipment to detect the electric vehicle charging base is not only convenient, but also reduces the detection cost, improves the efficiency and saves the detection time. Ideal waterproof effect,When facing the severe weather of rainstorm and even typhoon, there are many hidden dangersIt's a lot lower

HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipment

Harris TechnologySince its inception has been committed to air tightness detector automation equipment research and development and production, the use of emerging modern technology, to create a durable environment for youAir tightness and waterproof testing equipment.

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