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Hiris HW real water tester makes the waterproof and breathable film of electronic products have longer service life

With the maturity and development of electronic technology, there are more and more kinds of electronic products on the market, and the internal parts of electronic products are more and more refined. Therefore, the requirements for waterproof inside electronic products are also higher and higher. In the aspect of waterproof application of electronic products, waterproof and breathable membrane is a common waterproof and breathable product. The existing waterproof and breathable membrane generally has the disadvantage of insufficient waterproof performance. It is easy to cause waterproof failure in the process of use, which brings security risks to electronic products and short service life.

Real water detector for mobile phone

Waterproof and breathable film is mostly used forWatch, bracelet, mobile phone, electric toothbrush, earphone and other productsTherefore, the waterproof and breathable film should have high moisture resistance. Therefore, the manufacturers should strengthen the detection of waterproof and breathable membrane.

Real water testing equipment for watch waterproof and breathable film

The use of waterproof and breathable membrane in electronic products can improve the service life of the equipment to a certain extent,In this way, the basic dust-proof, waterproof, breathable and heat dissipation function can be better played. So, how to inspect the quality of waterproof and breathable membrane?Is manual visual inspection reliable? Manual visual inspection can only objectively judge whether the waterproof breathable membrane is waterproof, which is not accurate and the detection efficiency is low.

Real water detector for waterproof and breathable film of electric toothbrush back cover

In order to accurately detect the waterproof performance of water permeable membrane,Hiris has developed an instrument specially for the real water test of waterproof and breathable membrane& mdash;& amp; mdash;HWReal water tester. It not only has the function of generating simulated test water pressure, but also can automatically identify whether the waterproof and breathable membrane leaks under the effect of simulated water pressure. The measurement results can be quantified, which improves the disadvantages of manual confirmation at present, and makes the automatic test judgment and production of products with waterproof and breathable membrane possible. It improves the efficiency of customers and ensures the quality of products.The equipment has the advantages of simple operation, high precision and good repeatability, which can truly reflect the performance of waterproof and breathable membrane materialswaterproofPerformance.

Real water detection equipment for watch waterproof and breathable film

HarrisHWTrue water testersolveIt's overIn the prior art, the detection efficiency of the waterproof film in the prior art is low and the cost is high.Put an end toThe waterproof and breathable film is usedBad state occurs, improveThe service life of waterproof and breathable film of electronic products is prolonged

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