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Hereis four position airtight waterproof testing equipment, electronic smoke oil warehouse testing has never been so simple!

In recent years, the sales volume of e-cigarettes has been rising and people's health awareness has been improved, which has greatly favored the substitutes for traditional tobacco. The sales volume of many domestic e-cigarette manufacturers is also gradually increasing. Nowadays, e-cigarettes are not only substitutes for traditional cigarettes, but also become a kind of tobacco culture. There are many fans in the world of fog, From traditional smokers to experts.

Product to be tested: electronic cigarette oil bin

As e-cigarette is an electronic product after all, its electronic atomizer will be easily eroded by smoke oil in the process of use. Although the short-term impact is not big, in order to improve the quality of e-cigarette products, we must consider the waterproof and anti-corrosion of its electronic components. Some waterproof and anti-corrosion measures for electronic components have gradually become the trend of product quality improvement.

Waterproof inspection fixture for electronic smoke oil bin

According to the requirements of customers, Hermes technology has made great efforts to improve the sealing performance of the joint between electronic cigarette oil storage and plastic partsIP67Waterproof grade test, the following is the use of equipment and testing methods:

Equipment used: HarrisHPDevelopment SeriesfourStation air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Detection scheme: direct test method: customize the mold according to the structure of the product. After pressing the tooling double start button, the mold will be pressed down to form up and down sealing, so that the upper and lower cavities of the product will be sealed. The instrument will inflate the product, stabilize the pressure and test it. After the set time, the change of air pressure in the cavity of the product will be detected to determine (leakage value: 1& le;0.05KPA)Whether the product has leakage. Test pressurethirty-sevenKPA, inflation time5S, voltage stabilization time5S, test time5S

Test parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

Air tightness waterproof detection is a new waterproof detection method,The operation is simple, and the cost can be saved more than using appearance waterproof and anti-corrosionAndIt can also protect internal circuit boards and electronic components from water vapor and salt spray,PopularManufacturers' favor。 HarrisHPDevelopment Series4The station air tightness and waterproof testing equipment can also be tested at the same time4The sealing and high efficiency of each product,It is especially suitable for customers who need to carry out mass air tightness test.

HarrisHPDevelopment Series4Station air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

HarrisJoin in airtight and waterproof testing industryMore than tenYears of experience in production and technology development,Not onlyIt is the first one in China\Unit of "enterprise standard for waterproof leakage detection",stillcountry\The main drafters of the revision of the national standard "electronic product waterproof testing standard"

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