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No matter what kind of camera, Hermes air tightness and waterproof detection can be in place in one step!

In the past two years, due to the importance of family safety and the price of smart cameras, products in this field have gradually become the standard of family life. With the rapid development of modern information technology, digital wireless monitoring has gradually replaced the traditional analog wireless monitoring. Coupled with the application of megapixel network camera, wireless video surveillance also occupies a very important position in the security market.

Product to be tested: camera

Security is an important infrastructure in modern society,With the rapid development of modern science and technology, there are more and more popular cameras in the market. There are car cameras, electronic cameras, of course, cameras used in mobile phones are indispensable. Most cameras are exposed to the outside for a long time, exceptExposed to wind, sunBut also in the face of rain, so waterproof design is particularly important.

Camera waterproof inspection fixture

Camera water is easy to cause the shooting picture is not clear, short circuit and other conditions, thus affecting the production quality of manufacturers, so the camera waterproof is very important. Camera waterproof test adopts airtight waterproof detection equipment of Harris technology, which can be detected quickly and accuratelyNGProducts andOKProducts.

Camera waterproof inspection fixture

Hermes air tightness testing equipment uses compressed air as testing equipment, so whether the test product has an inflation port will be considered.The camera we need to detect is generally a product without an inflation port, so we need to make a mold for the product according to the shape of the product,takecameraIt is placed in the mold and filled with a certain pressure of test gascameraThe state of being in the water. Through our pressure sensor and display screen, we can observe the change of gas pressure in the mold in real time to judge whether the product is leakingIn order to judge whether the product is waterproof.

Air tightness and waterproof detection equipment for camera

This detection method is more accurate, the traditional waterproof detection method to judge the leakage standard mainly through the operator's naked eye to observe, easy to cause misjudgment, and can not effectively control the defective products.The airtightness testing equipment of Harris overcomes the disadvantages of traditional waterproof testing methodsThere is no damage to the productAndHigh test efficiency

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