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Smart thermos cup becomes a new choice for consumption, and Harris technology opens a new way of detection for it

In recent years,"intelligence"This word is getting closer and closer to us, from smart phones to smart home, and then to all kinds of smart wear, which helps us improve our life experience and work efficiency from different anglesNow even the thermos has intelligence.

Product to be tested: intelligent insulation cup cover

Intelligent heat preservation cupFor ordinary water cup, the design is more humanizedWater temperature displayFunction, thermal insulation performance and practicability are all improvedyesOrdinary thermos cupIncomparableIt is more suitable for us to travel and carry productsPut some popsicle ice water, long time drinking is no problem, for children to go to school can also play a role in preventing scald protection.Therefore,Now the frequency of intelligent water cup is very high.

Intelligent insulation cup cover waterproof inspection fixture

Most of the chips and electronic components of the intelligent thermos cup are stored in the position of the cup cover, which means that the intelligent thermos cup cover needs to do a good waterproof test to ensure the use of the intelligent thermos cup. Let's take a look at how hiris technology makes air tightness and waterproof detection for the finished products of intelligent insulation cup cover.

Intelligent insulation cup cover air tightness and waterproof detection equipment

According to customer requirementsIP67 Waterproof grade, Harris TechnologyFinished product of intelligent heat preservation cup coverThe following equipment and methods were adopted

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipment

Test method: indirect test method, put the product into the mold, make the product in a sealed space for test, test the pressure10~20KPA, inflation time8Second, voltage stabilization time8Second, test time5Second, leakage value50PA

Intelligent insulation cup cover air tightness and waterproof detection equipment

In recent years, the intelligent insulation cup has been favored by consumers, so it also reminds manufacturers to do a good job of air tightness and waterproof detection before the intelligent insulation Cup leaves the factory. Hermes air tightness and waterproof detection is a new detection method, which is more intuitive, faster and more accurate than the traditional water immersion detection method.

HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipment

10Over the years, with its increasingly rich experience, hiris has provided one-stop service delivery and customized functions according to customers' requirements with fast and high quality, as well as other services outside the provincetwenty-fourWithin the province8Hours of efficient after-sales service, has been unanimously recognized by customers

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