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This is the correct way to open the air tightness test of new energy battery pack

The rapid development of modern science and technology and the requirements for environmental protection makeNew energy electric vehicles have emerged and gradually occupy a larger market. As the main energy storage component of electric vehicles, the battery pack is loaded with battery pack, which is the core component of new energy electric vehicles and can directly have an important impact on the performance of new energy electric vehicles.In order to ensure the safety of vehicles, battery manufacturers will take corresponding protective measures according to the vehicle environment when designing battery packs, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards as far as possible, and also have certain requirements for the waterproof ability of battery packs.

Air tightness test site of battery pack

Generally speaking, the power battery has been tested for water resistance before leaving the factory, and it is no problem to drive the vehicle in rainy days. howeverIf we happen to encounter heavy rain or heavy water, it is very likely that there will be water inside the battery pack, which will cause adverse reactions of the power battery pack. How to produce a qualified and stable battery has become the first priority for the development of new energy vehicle industry. The sealing test and air tightness test of new energy vehicle battery pack have also become a focus.

Sealing test of new energy vehicle battery pack

The customer requirements for this test areBattery packdoIP67Waterproof gradeSealing testDue to the large product area, small internal space and thin material, the power lithium battery pack can withstand less pressure,Therefore, Harris technology adopts the following equipment and methods:

On site demonstration of waterproof test for battery pack

Equipment used: HarrisHC Positive and negative pressure air tightness detector

Detection method: the pressure drop method is adopted. Generally, the hole of the breathing valve is inflated directly through the breathing valve on the battery pack, and no fixture is needed.

The test time varies with the size of the battery pack. Generally, the size of the battery pack is relatively large, and the test time varies from a few minutes to more than ten minutes. In general, the test pressure used for battery pack is relatively low, because too high pressure will cause deformation of battery pack.

HCThe air tightness tester is testing the tightness of the battery pack

The air tightness tester of battery pack has been gradually popularized in the market. The battery is the core component of the car, which directly affects the safety of the whole car. The manufacturer of battery pack has thought very carefully about the overall design of the battery pack and the air tightness test requirements of the battery pack, With the increase of battery pack production and the cost control of production line in the market.

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