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Advantages and application of waterproof detection equipment for car reversing camera

Due to long-time exposure to the outside, the car camera often suffers from wind and rain. When washing the car, it also faces the impact of strong pressure water gun. Therefore, it is necessary for car camera to have good waterproof performance. Hiris supplies waterproof testing equipment and related equipment for various types of car camera manufacturers.

The figure below is one of our car cameras. At present, the camera is generally sealed by the sealing ring. needAir tightness testIn general, the camera lens, waterproof sealing ring, wire harness and other parts need to be sealed on the fixture for the camera with wire harness.


Hermes air tightness testing equipment uses compressed air as testing equipment, so all testing products will consider whether they have inflation ports. For the products with inflation port, the direct test method of direct inflation can be used. For the product without air filling port, it is necessary to make a mold for the product according to the shape of the product, place the product in the mold, and fill the mold with a certain pressure of test gas to simulate the state of the product in water. Through our pressure sensor and display screen, we can observe the change of gas pressure in the mold in real time to judge whether the product is leaking (so as to judge whether the product is waterproof)

汽车倒车摄像头Air tightness testing equipment-深圳海瑞思

Compared with the traditional waterproof detection method, hiris waterproof detection equipment has more advantages than the traditional waterproof detection method

1. The detection medium is air: air will not cause secondary damage to the camera, even if the product test results are unqualified, it can be repaired directly. The traditional water testing products, water will directly enter into the interior of the bad products, bring difficulties to repair.

2. The steps of traditional detection methods are more complex. For example, if the car camera is found to have leakage by soaking in water, the camera needs to be dried before maintenance, which takes too long and is inefficient.

3. The traditional waterproof detection method, the standard of judging leakage mainly through the visual observation of the operator, often leads to misjudgment, and can not effectively control the defective products.


海瑞思气密性检测设备It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional waterproof detection methods and solves the waterproof detection problems for many enterprises. The air tightness waterproof detection equipment developed by our company has been used in thousands of factories, which has no damage to the products and high test efficiency. It can produce multi-channel and multi station air tightness detection equipment according to the production needs of customers, and the test accuracy can reach 1pA, Even a tiny leak can be accurately sensed on our instrument and visually displayed on the display.

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