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Testing method of air tightness and waterproof of new energy battery pack

In recent years, the energy problem has become a global concern, and the development of new energy has become an inevitable trend in the automotive industry. Therefore, the state has increased support for pure electric vehicles. As the power source of power vehicles, the power battery has become the focus of the new energy vehicle industry. How to produce a qualified and stable battery has become the first priority for the development of the new energy vehicle industry,Air tightness testIt has also become a focus.

The sealing performance and waterproof performance of new energy battery pack need to reach a certain level. In general, the volume of the battery pack is relatively large, the length is about 1 meter, and the internal volume of the battery is also relatively large. Therefore, it is more difficult to detect the air tightness of battery pack with compressed air than ordinary products, and it has higher requirements for the stability and precision of air tightness detector.


Difficulties in testing new energy battery pack:

1: The volume of the new energy battery pack is large, and the internal volume is also large. Generally, the air tightness test time is more than 1 minute. The longer the test time is, the higher the stability requirement of the air tightness tester is.

2: For the detection of battery pack, it is necessary to realize non-destructive testing, and the price of a battery pack is relatively expensive. If the traditional immersion method is used for detection, it may lead to the internal damage of battery pack and bring difficulty to the secondary maintenance


Because the battery pack generally has a reserved waterproof vent, the air tightness of the battery pack can be detected by direct inflation. The air tightness detector is connected with the waterproof air hole of the battery pack through the air pipe, so that a certain amount of compressed air can be charged into the interior of the battery pack. After three stages of inflation voltage stabilization test, the air tightness detector detects the gas change in the battery pack in real time, so as to judge whether there is leakage in the battery pack.

Hermes air tightness detector adopts imported pressure sensor and pressure regulating valve, with the intelligent analysis and control system independently developed by Hermes, the test accuracy can reach 1pA, and the algorithm is also approved by the national patent.


Developed by HarrisAir tightness testing equipmentHigh precision, stable test, and mature technology in sealing and waterproof test of new energy battery pack. The sealing performance of a variety of battery packs has been tested, including the air tightness test of battery packs for new energy electric vehicles, electric buses and lithium batteries. If you are interested in our air tightness testing equipment, please call Harris technology.

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