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Application of waterproof test and air tightness test instrument for car reversing camera

Reversing camera is a kind of car camera which is installed at the rear of the car. Combined with the display screen installed in the car to form a complete set of reversing image system, the driver can master the overall environment behind the car body when reversing, so as to avoid hurting people or damaging objects when reversing.


The reversing camera is generally installed on the license plate lamp shell at the back of the car or fixed on the rear bar of the car. In rainstorm weather or car washing, rain can easily wash the reversing camera. If the waterproof level of the camera does not meet the requirements, water will enter the interior of the camera. The water mist inside the camera will cause the lens blur, seriously affect the driver's line of sight, there are security risks.

Therefore, the manufacturer of reversing camera will waterproof the camera, and generally seal the inside of the camera with glue. The airtightness of the sealed reversing camera needs to be tested to check whether it has reached the waterproof level of the reversing camera. For unqualified products to repair or provide technical support for later technical improvement.


Manufacturers generally choose air tightness detector for waterproof detection of cameras. Air tightness testing equipment can be non-standard air tightness testing equipment according to customer's products, and can also be multi-channel air tightness testing equipment according to customer's output. Can test multiple products at the same time to meet the needs of customers with high efficiency.

This time we tested the reversing camera, because the use environment of reversing camera is more changeable, and the safety requirements of on-board accessories are higher. The customer's requirement for the waterproof grade of this product is IP68. The test pressure used is 100KPA.

The inflation time is 5 s, the pressure stabilization time is 5 s, and the test time is 5 s. The air tightness detection time of a reversing camera is 15s.

Connect the air tightness detector and tooling through RS485 terminal line interface, and connect the power supply and air source at the same time. Adjust the test pressure of the air tightness detector to the 100KPA that we need, and then start the waterproof detection of the reversing camera.


The waterproof tester used this time is our ownHC classic series waterproof tester。 After several version updates of Harris technology. This instrument is the most popular choice for customersAir tightness detector。 With positive and negative test pressure, imported Honeywell pressure sensor is adopted, and the sensor accuracy can reach 0.2% FS. It adopts Xiantong pressure regulating valve imported from the United States, with stable air tightness test. This HC classic air tightness detector has been used in thousands of factories and has been highly recognized by customers.

If your camera needs waterproof detection, please call Harris technology to provide you with waterproof detection scheme for free.

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