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Air tightness and waterproof grade test of electric bicycle display screen
The E-bike display is also known as the E-bike meter. The display screen of electric bicycle generally shows the current battery power or battery voltage, the current speed, mileage, fault information, time, etc. The utility model can remind the cyclist to pay attention to the electric bicycle power consumption and safety.
The internal circuit of the display screen of electric bicycle belongs to electronic products, and it is not suitable to work in humid environment. Electric bicycle belongs to outdoor products, and it often drives in the rain or parks outdoors. In view of this special situation, the display screen of E-bike needs to reach the waterproof level of IP67 to ensure the normal operation of E-bike display screen; Therefore, the manufacturer will test the air tightness of the instrument before leaving the factory.
The traditional detection method is "water inspection" ("water inspection" refers to that the manufacturer uses "immersion leak detection" to find unqualified parts in order to improve product quality); The equipment is simple; ensp; The results are intuitive, the detection accuracy and efficiency are low, human factors have great influence, and automatic quantitative leakage detection can not be realized. Moreover, there are many electronic components in the electric vehicle instrument. If water enters, the internal electronic components will be directly damaged. Therefore, it is not recommended to use water to detect the tightness of the product.
Figure: HC classic series instruments
For electronic products, compressed air is widely used as the testing medium for air tightness test. Compressed air will not cause secondary damage to the product. The molecules of compressed air are smaller than water molecules, and the detection accuracy is higher. This air tightness test method is generally recognized by customers.
Today, Hercules technology will share with you the development trend of E-bike display screenWaterproof and air tightness testmethod. The testing instrument used is the air tightness tester independently developed and produced by our Harris technology.
The figure below is the product we want to test today. From the external structure of the product, we can see that the external part of the product is a plastic shell, and there are some electronic components in it. We need to check whether the external rainwater will leak into the product.
Figure: test product - electric vehicle display
According to the shape of the product, Harris technology has made a profiling mold for it. When the product is placed in the mold, the air tightness detector will fill the mold with quantitative compressed air, and the air tightness detection equipment will detect the change of compressed air in the mold in real time, so as to judge whether the product has leakage. According to the requirements of customers, the product needs to reach IP67 waterproof grade. According to the pressure characteristics of IP67, we set the test pressure of 10.5kpa for customers, the air intake time, the pressure stabilization time and the test time are 5s.5s.5s respectively. The complete test time of a product is 15s
Figure: air tightness test mold
After the test parameters are set, the air tightness tester can be connected with the test tooling, and the air source and power supply can be connected to start the tightness test. The instrument will automatically determine whether the product is OK or ng according to the set parameters. A complete air tightness testing equipment includes: air tightness tester, test tooling and corresponding air source power supply. The range of gas supply is 0.4mpa-1.2mpa
Figure: air tightness testing equipment for electric vehicle display screen
Hiris technology has tested the waterproof of many electronic products, such as smart watches, mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, smart home appliances and many electronic accessories on cars. If you are interested in hiris waterproof test equipment, please call hiris for detailed air tightness test plan.
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