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Test method and principle of IP67 waterproof grade for battery car controller

The battery car controller is the CPU of the battery car, which controls the start, operation, advance and retreat, speed, stop of the battery car motor and the core control device of other electronic components of the battery car. It is just like the brain of the battery car, and is an important part of the electric car.


Figure: air tightness test product - battery car controller

Once the controller of the battery car gets water, it will lead to the battery car short circuit, so that the electric vehicle can not continue to ride. Therefore, many battery car manufacturers will make waterproof treatment for the battery car controller to ensure that the battery car controller can reach the waterproof level of IP67. The battery car controller which has been made waterproof treatment needs to test whether it can achieve the waterproof performance required by the manufacturer. At present, manufacturers generally use air tightness leak detector to test the battery car controllerWaterproof test。 This time, we will share the waterproof test method and principle of battery car controller


Figure: air tightness tester + testing tooling

First of all, we need to determine whether we need to make a mold according to the appearance characteristics of the product. From the appearance of the battery car, we can see that the product does not have any air filling holes. There is no way to test the air tightness of the test product without air filling hole by direct air filling method. In this way, we need to make a profiling mold according to the test product, and achieve the purpose of testing the air tightness of the product by filling the mold. The method of testing the product through the sealed mold is indirect testing method.


Photo: inspection of mould

According to the profile of the product mold, it is necessary to set the corresponding test parameters for the product. The test parameters of the product need to be set according to the requirements of the customer's waterproof grade. Customers require that the waterproof grade of the product is IP67. The so-called IP67 is that the product is not damaged by water when it is placed under the pressure of no more than one meter deep. The pressure of one meter water depth is equivalent to 10.5kpa air pressure. Therefore, for IP67 waterproof grade test products, the general test pressure is 10.5kpa

According to the air tightness test requirements of customers, as long as the leakage value of the product does not exceed 0.05kpa, the product meets the requirements. Such a product as long as the test pressure can reach 10.5kpa, the leakage value does not exceed 0.05kpa, the instrument will automatically determine the product as a good product.

The figure below shows the test parameters of battery car controller set for customers.


Figure: air tightness test parameters

Characteristics of hermetic tester

1. Strong stability: the test equipment escorts the product quality of more than 1000 factories, and has been widely recognized by customers.

2. High precision: the test precision can reach 1pA, which is protected by international patent

3. Using the latest hi-os 2.0 system, friendly interface, simple operation, a number of user-friendly operation.

4. Using compressed air as testing medium, complete nondestructive testing.

5. The test process is fast, the test results are objective, and can automatically determine whether the product is OK or ng

6. It can connect the upper computer and scanner to realize intelligent test, and has the function of automatically exporting data.

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