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What are the requirements for air tightness test of battery pack and waterproof test of power battery?

As the power supply device of new energy vehicles, if the vehicle battery does not meet the waterproof requirements, it will not only leak electricity, but also pose a threat to the safety of the vehicle.As the core energy source of new energy vehicles, the battery can provide driving power for the whole vehicle. In order to protect the internal components of the battery from dust, rain and other erosion, the air tightness index of the battery must reach a certain level of dust and waterproof. Power battery manufacturers in the production, generally for the battery waterproof strong precision design, the general use of sealing shell materials are: rubber sealing ring, sealant and foam tape and so on. But no matter what kind of material is used, it is also very important to test the waterproof of the battery.

Waterproof detection of new energy vehicle battery

As an expert in the field of waterproof detection, Harris has made a lot of research on waterproof detection in the field of new energy vehicles. And this time we will share the waterproof test cases of new energy vehicle batteries and power batteries, hoping to help you.

1、 Waterproof testing requirements for batteries and power batteries of new energy vehicles

The sealing of new energy vehicle battery needs to cooperate with the structure of the battery box and the sealing ring. The whole sealing of the battery box needs to be realized by laser splicing, which belongs to the structural sealing. In addition, the battery also uses sealing aids such as sealing rings or sealants to help form a more sealed structure.

Waterproof test site of new energy vehicle battery

This battery is large and precise. Generally, the battery pack has a waterproof air hole, which can be filled with compressed gas for detection. This direct detection method can ensure no secondary damage to the battery, and the detection results are more accurate.

twoNew energy vehicles, power battery waterproof detection is not in place

On site demonstration of waterproof test for new energy vehicle battery

Due to the large volume of new energy vehicle battery, it is impossible to use the fully sealed waterproof detection method for the battery during the detection, and it is easy to have the problem of inaccurate detection results. Therefore, we should first get rid of the following detection problems during the detection:

1. The cracking of the sealing glue between the top cover and the bottom groove results in poor sealing performance, which easily leads to the infiltration of external liquid and pollutes the working environment of the battery.

2. Leakage of safety valve due to sealing problem may cause damage to other parts.

3. The poor sealing results in acid leakage at the terminals, affecting the wires of the battery car and causing the circuit to burn out.

4. The failure of sealing leads to the loss of capacitance and the decrease of battery life and safety.

threeNew energy vehicles, power battery waterproof test process display

As the volume of new energy vehicle battery pack is too large, it is not suitable to carry out fully enclosed detection, so Harris technology adopts direct detection. There is a special air inlet pipe on the instrument to transport the detection gas. During detection, the air inlet pipe is connected with the connecting pipe of new energy vehicle battery pack. This kind of detection is convenient and fast;

On site demonstration of waterproof test for new energy vehicle battery

In addition, when the device detects, a certain volume of dry and impurity free gas will be filled into the cavity of the battery pack, and then the compressed air supply will be cut off, and the pressure will be stabilized for a period of time. After a given measurement time, the tiny change of air pressure in the detection environment will be monitored. The sensor will send this information to the detection system, and finally through a series of calculations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and the waterproof performance and IP waterproof grade of the battery pack can be detected according to the leakage value.

After setting the program, the airtightness tester can automatically inflate, stabilize and test. After the test, whether the product is good or bad will be directly displayed on our instrument. The detection process is efficient and easy to operate.

threeAdvantages of Hermes air tightness detector

Brief introduction of system features


Powerful 32-bit processor and 24 bit a / D converter, plus the patented "intelligent differential pressure" algorithm, the test accuracy is equivalent to that of differential pressure type. Compared with the differential pressure type, the leakage range is larger, which is basically equal to the test range.

AI algorithm

The automatic learning function can identify the characteristic information of the sample to be tested, analyze the effective data of the sample information, automatically judge and identify the leakage critical point, and obtain the optimal process time parameters through the analysis of the critical value, which greatly improves the difficulty of the first contact with the instrument.

Powerful test function

The system comes with two pressure forms and eight basic judgment methods, which can be combined into more than 20 test functions to easily cope with various working conditions and meet your various requirements!

Stable, reliable and efficient

Built in self-developed patented technology, "IVT" pneumatic sealing valve island; At the same time, the big leak has been detected in the inflation stage, which saves the whole test time.

The test process is simple and universal

No standard parts, no need to do two sets of fixture, no need to compare with the standard parts, eliminate the deformation error of standard parts after multiple tests.

More scalable

Modular design, according to the requirements of a host control multi-channel full function valve island composed of the executive module. Realize full function multi-channel test including positive and negative pressure and indirect test

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