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Example sharing of waterproof test for battery pack of new energy vehicle

The battery pack is the core energy source of new energy vehicles, which provides driving power for the whole vehicle. In order to protect the internal components of the battery pack from dust, rain and other erosion, the sealing of the battery pack must reach a certain dust-proof and waterproof level. According to the requirements of the industry on the protection level of electrical equipment shell, the protection level of the battery pack in terms of dust prevention and waterproof should generally reach IP67 or IP68. Therefore, manufacturers generally design for the waterproof of the battery pack, and the waterproof sealing shell materials generally used include: rubber sealing ring, sealant and foam tape, etc. But no matter what kind of material is used, it is also very important to test the waterproof of battery pack.

There are a variety of waterproof test methods for battery packs. This time, Harris technology will bring you the waterproof test of new energy vehicle battery packs. I hope it can help you.


1、 Process display of new energy vehicle battery pack

The sealing of new energy vehicle battery pack needs to cooperate with the structure of the battery pack box and the sealing ring. The whole sealing of the battery box needs to be realized through laser splicing, which belongs to the structural sealing. In addition, the battery pack also uses sealing aids such as sealing rings or sealants to help form a more sealed structure.


New energy vehicle battery pack

2、 Problems of poor waterproof sealing of battery pack for new energy vehicles

1. The cracking of the sealing glue between the top cover and the bottom groove results in poor sealing performance, which easily leads to the infiltration of external liquid and pollutes the working environment of the battery.

2. Leakage of safety valve due to sealing problem may cause damage to other parts.

3. The poor sealing results in acid leakage at the terminals, affecting the wires of the battery car and causing the circuit to burn out.

4. The failure of sealing leads to the loss of capacitance and the decrease of battery life and safety.

3、 Difficulties and key points of new energy vehicle battery pack

1. The appearance of new energy vehicle battery pack is fully wrapped with waterproof material, which is strong in sealing and large in volume, which is not conducive to the use of mold for fully enclosed detection;


Waterproof tester for battery pack of new energy vehicle

2. It is necessary to realize non-destructive testing to avoid substantial damage to the tested products;

4、 New energy vehicle battery pack testing difficulties breakthrough and testing points display

As the volume of new energy vehicle battery pack is too large, it is not suitable to carry out fully enclosed detection, so Harris technology adopts direct detection. There is a special pipe for conveying detection gas on the instrument. During detection, the pipe is connected with the connecting pipe of new energy vehicle battery pack, which is convenient and fast;


Waterproof test of new energy vehicle battery pack

In addition, when the device detects, a certain volume of dry and impurity free gas will be filled into the cavity of the battery pack, and then the compressed air supply will be cut off, and the pressure will be stabilized for a period of time. After a given measurement time, the tiny change of air pressure in the detection environment will be monitored. The sensor will send this information to the detection system, and finally through a series of calculations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and the waterproof performance and IP waterproof grade of the battery pack can be detected according to the leakage value.


Waterproof test display of new energy vehicle battery pack

5、 Parameter table of waterproof tester for battery pack of new energy vehicle


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