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Practical application of waterproof test equipment for multi station tire pressure detector

The tire pressure detector is mainly installed inside the tire. If the seal is not good, it will affect the identification of the sensor chip. On the other hand, the detector works in the environment of high temperature and high humidity. If the seal is not good, it will cause corrosion of the computer board and accelerate the aging of parts. Therefore, in order to ensure the stable operation of the product, the manufacturer will test its water resistance. This time, we will introduce the waterproof tester of tire pressure tester, and the application of the tester.

1、 Waterproof technology of automobile tire pressure detector

The structural waterproof and material waterproof are used for the waterproof of automobile tire pressure detector. The packaging process of tire pressure sensor has experienced glue filling ultrasonic laser welding. At present, the high-end tire pressure sensor adopts laser welding process, and the strength of laser welding can be judged by sealing test instrument.

2、 Requirements and difficulties of waterproof test for automobile tire pressure detector

1. The tire pressure tester is a kind of precision equipment, which needs non-destructive testing to avoid damage to the product. However, due to the small volume of the tire pressure detector, there is no air filling port. In order to solve the problem of fixing in the detection process, Harris technology has customized the mold for it. When the upper and lower molds are closed, a closed detection space will be formed. On the one hand, indirect detection is realized, and on the other hand, unnecessary damage to the tire pressure detector is protected. The following is the mold display.

2. Customers require that they can test multiple products at the same time, improve the detection efficiency and reduce the labor cost. Therefore, Harris technology suggests that customers customize the waterproof test equipment of multi position automobile tire pressure detector. The multi position detector is equipped with three waterproof detectors, which can operate the waterproof test of six products by one person at the same time. Moreover, we design the detector as a cabinet, scientifically design the instrument space, reduce the floor area, and facilitate the operation. The following is a demonstration of the waterproof test equipment of the Harris multi station tire pressure tester.

3. The waterproof level should be able to easily deal with high-pressure water gun, waterlogged Road, cross-country wading, etc. Here we need to consider the problem of pressure. First, the detector should reach the waterproof level to detect the pressure. Second, the automobile tire pressure detector should not bear the pressure to avoid damage. Therefore, in the process of setting the detection pressure, the precision pressure sensor is particularly important. The precision pressure sensor of Harris technology waterproof detector strictly monitors the air pressure change in the mold to control the detection air pressure within a certain range. The following is the details of waterproof testing equipment.

The above content is the application demonstration of the waterproof test equipment of the tire pressure detector of Harris technology. The instrument has realized single station and multi station detection, and can be customized according to the needs of users. At present, this equipment has been put into production testing, its stable performance and high efficiency testing for enterprise production power.

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