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Application demonstration of stamping seal tester

Stamping parts belong to mechanical parts, which are mostly used in automobile, electric appliance, motor, instrument, etc. Because of the different use environment, high precision applications have sealing requirements for stamping parts, so this kind of stamping parts manufacturers will test the sealing of products. As a well-known R & D and manufacturer of air tightness detector in the industry, our air tightness detector has realized high-precision detection of stamping parts. The following is a detailed explanation of our detection case and scheme.


Tooling of hermetic tester for press parts

1、 Stamping production and sealing process

Stamping is mainly classified by process, which can be divided into separation process and forming process. The surface and internal properties of sheet metal for stamping have a great influence on the quality of stamping products, such as convex, concave, burr, zigzag, wrinkle, crack and so on. However, stamping parts mainly use structural design for sealing. Once the above appearance problems appear, their sealing performance will be affected.


Products to be tested

2、 Requirements for tightness test of stamping parts

1. To achieve non-destructive testing, keep the product surface smooth, no deformation, no scratch, etc

2. The sealing test standard should be up to the standard to prevent water, oil and corrosive gas from being soaked

3、 Hermetic testing scheme for stamping parts of Harris Technology

This detector of Harris technology uses compressed air as the detection medium and the pressure drop test method to detect the tightness. The gas detection with the lowest density can also effectively prevent water and oil from soaking the stamping parts. The internal space of this equipment is only (1.5cc), and it is equipped with imported high sensitive pressure sensor to achieve high precision detection conditions.

Because there is no air filling hole in the stamping parts, the products need to be packaged by the die, which not only plays a role in fixing the products, but also makes the stamping parts free from external interference in the detection, and plays a role in ensuring the appearance of the products. The system will strictly control the air pressure to maintain the air pressure in a certain range, so as to avoid the deformation of stamping parts caused by excessive pressure. Then cut off the gas source, use the pressure sensor of the internal instrument department to monitor the pressure change of the product after inflation, and judge the tightness according to the pressure change and leakage. The following is the details of stamping parts sealing test.



4、 Parameters display of hermetic tester for stamping parts


At present, the tightness tester for stamping parts has passed repeated performance and function data tests, and will be put into production testing of stamping parts in the near future.

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