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Solution of automobile tail lamp sealing test

Automobile lamps and lanterns have high requirements for product sealing, because the lamp sealing is not in place, in rainy and foggy days, car washing and other humid environment, it is easy to fog or even water, and the lamp may "explode" when it meets with water in use, thus damaging the personal and property safety of the driver, so automobile lamp manufacturers will carry out the sealing test on the lamp. This time, Yingwang Electronics Co., Ltd., which came to heresis technology to seek the solution of automobile tail lamp sealing detection, needs this kind of detector.

In terms of lamp sealing detection, the detection technology and scheme of Harris technology have been very mature and have a good reputation in the industry, which is also an important reason why Yingwang Electronics Co., Ltd. chose us. Our technical personnel after in-depth communication, integrated Yingwang Electronics Co., Ltd. testing needs, developed a car tail lamp tightness testing program, the following is a brief introduction of the program.

1、 Tail lamp mold and tooling design

Because of this clauseYingwang ElectronicsThere is no inflation port for the tail lamp, so Harris technology needs to customize a special mold for it so as to test its air tightness. The mold is divided into upper mold and lower mold, which can provide a sealed testing environment for sealing testing after they are closed. The tooling is connected with the host, which plays an important role in conduction.


3D design drawing of taillight sealing tester tooling of hiris Technology

2、 Detection range and parameters

The airtightness tester of Harris technology has great selectivity for testing products and testing grades. The measuring range of the instrument is - 40-1400kpa. There are three models. The sealing tester can support leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other leakage test methods. The test range is wide, and users can choose according to their own test needs.


Parameters of hermetic tester for taillights

3、 Finished product display of automobile tail lamp sealing tester


Finished product display of hiris technology automobile tail lamp sealing tester

4、 Test details display of automobile tail lamp sealing tester


Test details display of hiris technology automobile tail lamp sealing tester

5、 Introduction to other functions

1. Large size touch screen is used as the human-machine interface, which can easily monitor the test results and set various parameters in the process of waterproof test.

2. It has the alarm function of qualified and unqualified products, which can eliminate the possibility of manual misjudgment and misinspection.

3. Band 4Circuit switch input and output8It can accept the control of external sensors and switch buttons, and can control the external relay, solenoid valve and other executive components, so as to realize the full automation of the test conveniently.

4. Waterproof tester has 200By setting the parameters of the subprogram on the touch screen, the user can connect different subprograms in series to form a test processI/OThe interface enables the leakage meter to receive control signals from external sensors and control external actuators (relays, solenoid valves, etc.). So as to realize the automation of the test process.

5. With test data recording function, test data can be downloaded to uDisk, and through the computer display.

6. With barcode scanning function, it can track and record defective products and repair situation; The function of upper computer.


Display of test page of hiris technology automobile tail lamp sealing tester

at presentYingwang ElectronicsOrdered at Harris TechnologyAutomobile tail lamp sealing testerHas been put into production testing, thank you hereYingwang ElectronicsTrust and support from the government.

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