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Hiris technology auto parts leakage detection solutions show

With the rapid development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, the pursuit of quality is higher and higher, which also makes the requirements of automobile parts production more and more strict. Among them, the tightness of automobile parts is the rigid standard to measure the quality, because if the tightness of automobile parts is not enough, the internal oil and water will penetrate into other parts, resulting in the collapse of the whole automobile working system and endangering the personal safety of users. So it is necessary to detect the leakage of auto parts in production.

In response to the sealing test requirements of auto parts of delilai precision hardware company, we have developed a leakage detector. It is mainly used for leakage detection of automobile parts such as oil nozzle, gasket, piston, muffler, shock absorber, sensor, etc. The following is the solution and product exhibition of auto parts leakage detection of Harris technology.


Display of some testing products

1: User needs

Delilai precision hardware company requires customized non-standard leakage detector to realize three position detection, so as to save detection manpower and space. It can meet the needs of detecting a variety of auto parts, so as to improve the utilization rate of the leakage detector.

2: 3D design of auto parts leak detector

According to the requirements of users and the characteristics of testing products, Harris technology has designed the 3D diagram of automobile parts leakage detector. One of the instruments cooperates with one station to realize negative pressure detection, and the other instrument controls two stations to realize positive pressure detection.


3D design of Harris auto parts leakage detector

3: Detection principle of auto parts leakage detector

The automobile parts leakage detector uses compressed air as the detection medium, with positive pressure and negative pressure as the detection method. According to the force direction of the product, positive pressure (blowing) or negative pressure (suction) can be selected for direct test, so as not to damage the appearance of the product.

4: Finished product display of auto parts leakage detector


5: Details of auto parts leak detector



6: Brief introduction of auto parts leakage detection function

1The waterproof tester can support leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other leakage test methods. The test range is wide, and users can choose according to their own test needs.

2Large size touch screen is used as the human-machine interface, which can easily monitor the test results and set various parameters in the process of waterproof test.

3It has the alarm function of qualified and unqualified products, which can eliminate the possibility of manual misjudgment and misinspection.

4, band4Circuit switch input and output8It can accept the control of external sensors and switch buttons, and can control the external relay, solenoid valve and other executive components, so as to realize the full automation of the test conveniently.

5Waterproof testertwo hundredBy setting the parameters of the subprogram on the touch screen, the user can connect different subprograms in series to form a test processI/OThe interface enables the leakage meter to receive control signals from external sensors and control external actuators (relays, solenoid valves, etc.). So as to realize the automation of the test process.

6, with test data recording function, you can download test data toUDisk, and through the computer display.

7With bar code scanning function, it can track and record defective products and repair situation; The function of upper computer.

The above content is the solution analysis of auto parts leakage detector. The customized non-standard leakage detector of delilai Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has been successfully shipped and will be put into the production and detection of auto parts. We would like to thank delilai precision hardware company for its support and trust in Harris technology.

All the contents of this time are original by Harris technology, reprint and false original are prohibited.

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