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Automobile antenna waterproof tester air tightness tester water tightness test equipment

Due to the use of waterproof ability is not good or not waterproof detection equipment, resulting in the car antenna can not receive the signal, how to do the car top antenna waterproof detection? Now let's talk about it from Shenzhen hairuisi Technology Co., Ltd. Want to do a good job of car roof antenna waterproof inspectionTest, then it is necessary to know the sealing waterproof technology used by the antenna.

The waterproof technology of car antenna mostly uses sealing ring, or glue, or whole pour glue as sealing process. In these cases, the sealing and waterproof process can be detected by air tightness testing equipment, if there is a bad situation, it is generally due to the leakageIf the material of the sealing ring is not installed in place, or the sealing surface is deformed, and the force is uneven, it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish in this case, then the air tightness detector can be used for detection.

The car antenna adopts the sealing process of gluing or integral gluing, so the connector is not waterproof, generally because the gluing is not in place, or the glue can not avoid the occurrence of pores and tiny cracks in the solidification process. The traditional detection method uses water soaking, which is the main reasonObviously, it is no longer desirable. The water immersion method is inefficient and cannot be quantified. Air tightness testing equipment can be used. Air tightness testing equipment is a new type of sealing, waterproof and leakage testing equipment using compressed air testing method. Among the numerous air tightness testing equipment, Shenzhen Haicheng is the bestThe air tightness testing equipment of Rex automation technology integrates positive and negative detection system, and is equipped with bar code scanning equipment and remote control function, which is convenient for recording and tracking the quality of products. And has been successfully for a number of connectors, cameras, wire, wire harness, audio, mobile phones and other companies to provideWaterproof detection, sealing detection, air tightness detection equipment.

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