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Testing example of hardware shell casting parts for airtight and waterproof testing lamps of Harris

Now\The life of "rules" is not what people want. On the contrary, we need to add some interest or atmosphere to our peaceful life. With the development of the times, the progress of society, people's lives are constantly changing, thinking is also changing, decorationHome FurnishingI always choose some fashionable oneslightingTable lamp shows the avant-garde life of modern people, and more and more hardwareCasting luminaireNot only pay attention to the practicality, but also pay more attention to its applicationWaterproof problem.

Products to be tested: casting parts of lighting hardware shell

In the development of modern lamps and lanterns, the styles of lamps and lanterns are more diversified. As a new type of material, the casting of hardware shell of lamps and lanterns has been widely used in the market, but the waterproof problem of casting products still plagues the manufacturers for a long time.

Waterproof test mould for casting parts of lamp hardware shell

Generally speaking,Casting parts of lighting hardware shellWaterproof grade is generally requiredIP68Waterproof grade, because the environment and weather of lighting hardware shell are unpredictable,IfCasting waterproofMeasures are not in place, resulting in damage, application effectIt willVery bad.The influence of hiris technology on lamps and lanterns/Metal casting industry has been waterproof detection case, let's take a look.

According to the requirements of customers, Harris has adopted the following testing equipment and solutions:

Equipment used: HarrisHPDevelop a series of air tightness test equipment

Test plan: direct test method, customized mold according to the structure of the casting, used to plug the casting around, so that the casting cavity is sealed during the test. Test pressure:30KPA, inflation time10S, voltage stabilization time15S, test time10S, leakage value0.05KPA。 By monitoring the change of air pressure in the casting cavity, the air tightness of the product is tested, and the test results are determined automatically by the systemOK/NG.Test records can be usedUDownload from disk.

Test parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

HarrisHPThe development of a series of air tightness testing equipment can accurately test whether the castings have trachoma leakage and casting cracks. In a word, manufacturers need to improve the service life of the casting parts of the hardware shell of lamps and lanterns, so they need to continuously improve their waterproof performance.

Airtightness and waterproof testing equipment for single station cabinet tooling of Harris

Hiris automation technology was founded intwo thousand and eightSince its establishment, the company has been committed to the R & D and production of automation equipment

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