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Advantage analysis of dual channel waterproof test equipment for security camera

Security camera is used in the security aspect of the camera, not only can play the role of deterrence warning to criminals, but also can improve people's work efficiency, do not have to go to the scene can also grasp the scene.

There are many places to install cameras outdoors. The waterproof performance and sealing performance of cameras have become the focus of manufacturers. If the camera sealing is not good, in the place with large temperature difference between day and night, or in the time of wind, frost, rain and snow, there will be water vapor inside the camera, which will blur the lens of the camera, affect its use effect, and greatly shorten the service life of the security camera.


Shenzhen Harris Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specialized inSeal testerAccording to customers' products and requirements, we can make sealing tester for different products.

This time, we entrust herrense as the customer of waterproof test equipment, which is a company specializing in the production and sales of all kinds of security cameras. Because there are several types of cameras, customers hope that we can make a dual channel waterproof test equipment for them, which can detect two different types of cameras at the same time. The following figure is the security camera dual channel waterproof test equipment made by Harris technology for customers.


This camera waterproof test equipment can test two different kinds of cameras at the same time. It uses the waterproof tester, which is the embedded tester of hiris HN pilot series. The features of HN pilot series instruments are as follows:

① High flexibility, the function can be added or deleted according to the demand.

② It has strong expansibility and multiple sensors.

③ The standard configuration adopts Hercules full function valve island.


This waterproof test equipment can set two different test procedures according to the waterproof level of the camera. The two stations independently judge the leakage of the product, and do not affect each other. This camera waterproof equipment is composed of two stations and two control systems. The leakage of the product will be displayed on the respective display screen, and the test results are independent.


Dual station security camera waterproof test equipment, not only improves the efficiency of the factory's waterproof detection, at the same time only needs one operator, reduces the factory's personnel consumption, saves the production cost for customers. Therefore, Harris multi-channel waterproof tester has been widely praised by customers in recent two years.

海瑞思Waterproof tester, is a non-standard testing equipment, can be customized according to customer requirements, if your product needs to do waterproof test (sealing test), welcome to call Harris technology for details【 This article is edited and published by Harris( )Please indicate the source for reprint]

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