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Led stroboscopic warning lamp sealing test solution

Led stroboscopic warning light belongs toThe road traffic signal warning lamp is an outdoor lamp, which needs to be tested for its tightness in production to ensure its good waterproof performance. With rich experience in testing the sealing performance of outdoor lamps, Harris TechnologyThere are perfect solutions and application cases in the sealing test of LED stroboscopic warning light. Let's learn about the problemSealing testSolution.

1、 LEDStroboscopic warning lightKey points of sealing test

LEDStroboscopic warning lightWaterproofing technology is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproofing and material waterproofing. Structural waterproofing is the combination of various structural components of the product with waterproof function, which needs to be closely matched with silicone sealing ring for waterproof, and the shell structure is more precise and complex. Material waterproof is to use filling and sealing glue, waterproof membrane or sealing strip to waterproof, and use sealant to seal the joints between structural parts, so as to make electrical parts completely airtight and achieve the waterproof effect of outdoor lamps. howeverLEDThe stroboscopic warning lamp has some influence on the sealing test. The completely airtight structure of the lamp determines that the indirect test should be used in the sealing test.


To test the tightnessLEDStroboscopic warning light

2Customer sealing test requirements

1.Realize different models and shapesLEDSealing test of stroboscopic warning lamp

twoIt can test different waterproof grade

threeIt has the function of testing data recording, which can provide reference for improving production

fourThe detection speed should be controlled within15second

ThreeBrief introduction of hermetic test of Harris Technology

When testing, the need toLEDStroboscopic warning lightPut it in the mold, and thenLEDStroboscopic warning lightTo inflate, becauseLEDStroboscopic warning lightThe change felt by the precision pressure sensor of the sealing detection equipment is transmitted to the detection system. Finally, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained through a series of calculations. According to the leakage value, the sealing performance and safety of the lamp can be detectedIPWaterproof grade.

In order to achieve different models and shapesLEDAirtightness test of stroboscopic warning lightThe tester is divided into three parts: tester, gas source and tooling. Because the tester, gas source and tooling are independent, they can be equipped with molds and corresponding tooling according to the shape or details of the product to meet the detection requirements. After testing, the customer customized theLEDStroboscopic warning lightThe testing speed of the sealing tester is at7-10In seconds.

Secondly, the data system of hermetic tester of Harris technology has entered a variety of waterproof grade test data,"Positive" and "negative" forms of pressure, and8There are three basic test modes, which can be selected or combined. applicationtwenty-fourpositionA/Dtransformation,32positionCPUOperation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. built-inRS232Serial portRJ45Network portUSBCommunication interfaceLTPexternalI/OControl port, support a variety of communication protocols. In addition, it has the function of recording test data, and can download test data toUDisk, and through the computer display, support users for barcode scanning, can track and record defective products, repair and other situations, realize data monitoring.

4、 LEDStroboscopic warning lightDisplay of sealing tester


5、 LEDStroboscopic warning lightSealing test details


SixParameters of sealing tester


At present, the lighting waterproof detector of Harris technology is used in: road lamp, landscape lamp (China lamp, fireworks lamp, cherry lamp, etc.), lawn lamp (stainless steel turf lamp), buried lamp, wall lamp, outdoor spotlight, projector, wall washing lamp, etc.

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