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Monitoring alarm sealing test, sealing test, waterproof test cases

Many people may not know much about security equipment, so why do security equipment do tightness test? So what are the main security equipment for sealing test? Today, Shenzhen Harris technology will show you the sealing test of the monitoring alarm in the security equipment.

For security products, we are mainly divided into these categories: alarm system video monitoring equipment, alarm system access control equipment, car anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft alarm controller, intrusion detector, building intercom system, mechanical anti-theft lock, anti-theft safe, bulletproof composite glass, anti-theft security door. And the main role of security equipment is to prevent. Protect people's personal safety and property safety, play a real-time monitoring and long-term effective protection.

Today, Harris technology focuses on introducing the sealing test of monitoring alarm in security equipment. Presumably everyone is more concerned about the problem is why the monitoring alarm to do sealing test? Then, Hercules technology will give you an answer:
If the sealing of the monitoring alarm is not good, once it comes into contact with water, it may be damaged, which can not achieve the role of security, and lose the role of security products. And how to dust into multiple will also affect the service life of security products, the use of security products sealing test is also very necessary, good sealing test can improve the quality and service life of products.

Hermetic test method introduced by Harris Technology:

First of all, choose a high-precision sealing tester of Shenzhen Harris technology, and then customize the tooling to connect the product with the tester, so as to meet the needs of testing. For detailed detection methods or parameter settings, you can consult our online customer service or call the sales hotline of our official website, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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