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Case study on waterproof and air tightness of surveillance camera

With the development of science and technology, smart cameras solve the problem that we can't take care of our property all the time. The emergence of the camera solves these troubles in our life and work. We just need to install a webcam, we can observe and monitor the situation anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone.

In recent years, with the expansion of nursing market demand, a large number of smart camera products have emerged, but their functions and quality are uneven. If you are looking for a care camera that can watch outdoor scenes such as home care, factory buildings, streets and gardens, the most important thing is to see if the picture of the product is clear and whether it has night vision function. It can be used in the daytime and at night. The most important thing is that it has good waterproof ability and can resist wind and rain. For camera manufacturers, the waterproof and windproof detection of the camera has become an important process in production, so it is very important to choose a high precision waterproof detector.

Shenzhen hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. waterproof precision detector, to help manufacturers solve the problem of whether the camera waterproof. High precision waterproof performance strictly control whether each product is qualified. At present, hyris waterproof precision detector can not only be used for household cameras, but also is very popular in the automotive industry. Now, BYD and Desai Xiwei, famous domestic automobile manufacturers, have cooperated with Shenzhen hyris!

The following is a case study of Shenzhen Harris

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